We proudly display our Facility Services Mission Sign and Core Value design in all the buildings we conduct operations from.  They serve as a constant reminder to our managers and staff of the important role we play on campus.


Welcome to the Facility Services website!  The Facility Services division of the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point is responsible for a wide variety of facility related activities on campus.  To serve your needs most appropriately we are organized into (10) ten work units:  Central Stores, Maintenance, Surplus, Recycling, Heating Plant, Grounds, Custodial, Mail, Auto Shop and Transportation.  Please use the drop down in the left margin titled “work units” to learn more about each work unit and to gather answers to some of your important questions.
Facility Services prides ourselves in providing timely, efficient and quality services to our students, faculty and staff.  We take our mission seriously; that’s why you will see it posted numerous times on this website and you will find it on all our leaders e-mail signature.  Our mission statement is, “Advancing the academic mission through craftsmanship, artistry and exceptional service". We also utilize (5) core values to keep us aligned with our mission and aligned with our campus clients:  Safety, Cooperation, Service, Integrity and Innovation.