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Faculty Senate

The University Personnel Development Committee (UPDC) has the responsibility to develop the policies and formulate the criteria necessary to maintain a viable program for the development of university personnel (classified and unclassified on this campus).
The committee has the authority to recommend to the Faculty Senate policies pertaining to such matters as the following:
  • UWS and UWSP grants including sabbaticals, research, faculty/staff development grants, and undergraduate teaching improvement grants.
  • Faculty and staff retraining and renewal policies as funded through grants.
In addition, the committee shall:
  • Recommend to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor a level of funding to be made available for support of a program for the development of university personnel.
  • Review and recommend to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor proposals which are to be funded by state or non-state funds.
  • Coordinate all system and local development programs, superseding all committees currently involved in this area.
  • Be authorized, whenever appropriate, to shift applications among the appropriate funding components in order to insure the maximum benefits from available sources.
  • Recommend to the Dean of Graduate Studies the transfer of unallocated funds budgeted from one component to another as the need arises.
  • Present an annual report of the committee's activities to the Senate at the end of the academic year.
2014-2015 UPDC membership and meeting schedule
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