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Faculty Senate

The University Affairs Committee (UAC) has the authority to recommend to the Common Council policies pertaining to:
  • University facilities, including physical planning for and operations of buildings, grounds and parking;
  • Institutional planning;
  • The community relations of the university, including community services, arts and lectures, public information, alumni, and foundation;
  • The student affairs of the university, including student recruitment, retention, welfare, financial aids, activities and athletics;
  • The wellness of the university community, including the wellness of the personnel and the students.
2014-2015 UAC membership and meeting schedule
Subcommittees include:
The Historic Preservation Subcommittee identifies state and local historic preservation ordinances pertinent to the university and recommends policies to the University Affairs Committee that bring the university into legal compliance. The subcommittee also identifies university property, both artifacts and facilities, of historic significance as defined by state and national guidelines, and recommends policies to the University Affairs Committee for the preservation of such property.
2014-2015 Historic Preservation Subcommittee membership and meeting schedule
The Nominations and Elections Subcommittee has the authority to establish rules for council elections, to supervise such elections, and to have such other authority as the constitution delegates to it.
2014-2015 Nominations and Elections Subcommittee membership