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Faculty Senate

The Graduate Council is the representative body of the graduate faculty, acts as its executive committee, and exercises all powers legally and/or traditionally exercised by the graduate faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.
2014-2015 Graduate Council membership and meeting schedule     
These powers include:
  • Responsibility for approving all policies relating to UW-Stevens Point graduate program and specifying the manner in which they are administered.
  • Approval of graduate faculty, graduate programs, graduate courses, and other graduate offerings. On all curriculum matters, the council shall, before taking any action, consider budget implications.
  • Establishment of admission, retention, and matriculation criteria of the Graduate Programs.
  • Approval of candidates for graduate degrees.
  • Review of the mission statement of the university and determination of the priorities to be assigned to graduate proposals.

Graduate Council forms:
When revising graduate programs or courses, make sure to use the most current catalog text (the current catalog in MS Word format is available in the "Reference Materials" of myCommonCouncil: 

Strike out should be used for deleted text and underscore for new text of revisions; appropriate signatures should be obtained prior to submitting the proposal.

All proposals for the Graduate Council, once completed and approved appropriately (i.e., departments and dean approvals), should be forwarded to the Chair of the Graduate Council to be placed on a upcoming committee meeting agenda.The Graduate Council chair sets the agenda for meetings and will notify departments when proposals are to be discussed.  The 2015-2016 Graduate Council chair is Nathan Wetzel.


Request form for extension of time to finish Master's Degree 

Request form for temporary authorization to teach graduate courses 

Proposal form for requesting approval for a new or revised graduate course


Request to Delete, Renumber, or Rename