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Faculty Senate

The Curriculum Committee (CC) has the authority to recommend to the Faculty Senate policies pertaining to the undergraduate curriculum. The Curriculum Committee recommends to the Faculty Senate: majors, minors, new and unique course sequences, and certification programs; and changes in title of academic disciplines and of curricular programs, and changes in majors, minors, unique course sequences, and curricular programs.  It reports these matters to the Faculty Senate for review and for action at the request of any member of the Faculty Senate. 

The chairperson sets the agenda for meetings and will notify departments and deans when proposals are to be discussed.  The 2013-2014 Curriculum Committee Chair is Todd Huspeni.
Curricular proposal information and forms:
REMINDER...when revising or amending, please be certain to:
  1. use the most current catalog text (the current catalog in MS Word format is available in the
    "Reference Materials" in myFacultySenate:;
  2. strike out deleted material and underscore new material in the revised title, description, etc.;
  3. obtain the appropriate signatures; and 
  4. forward the original and 20 copies to the chairperson of the Curriculum Committee. 
Proposal form for requesting approval for a new or revised course
UWSP Certificate Program Guidelines
Guidelines for Interdisciplinary Certificate Programs
The Teacher Education Subcommittee, a subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee, reviews those curriculum and curricular policy matters which are referred to it by the Curriculum Committee, in order to certify that such proposals are consistent with Wisconsin standards for certification, and reports its recommendations to the Curriculum Committee.