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(Individual and Department)
Regents Excellence in Teaching Awards for 2016.
Two Regents Excellence in Teaching Awards are awarded annually UW System-wide, the two award categories are:
1) individual faculty member category -- This award recognizes an outstanding career achievement in teaching.
2) department category -- This award recognizes a department, program, or other academic unit that demonstrates exceptional commitment to and effectiveness in teaching.
The Regents Teaching Excellence Awards are administered by the UW System-wide Office of Instructional and Professional Development. $5,000 awards are awarded for the Regents Excellence in Teaching Awards. Each university within the UW System nominates one individual faculty member and one department nominee to the Regents Award Committee.
At UW-Stevens Point, each college and the Learning Resource Center are entitled to nominate one potential UW-Stevens Point nominee for each category. To foster greater participation, the University Awards Subcommittee strongly encourages submission of previous UW-Stevens Point University Award winners and their department(s) for consideration.
Documentation required for UW-Stevens Point nominations from colleges and the Learning Resource Center (and all that will be considered by the University Awards Subcommittee) is a two-page nomination (sent electronically) detailing why the individual or department deserves this recognition. For the university process, those being nominated for being the potential UW-Stevens Point nominee should notprepare or submit anything additional information other than the two-page nomination. Any information beyond the two-page nomination will notbe considered and will be returned to the nominator. Nominations should be forwarded to the Common Council Office,, no later than noon, Friday, October 16, 2015. Nominations received after the deadline will not be considered.
Below is a summary of the criteria that the Regents Award Committee has used in determining past award recipients. It is anticipated that criteria will be very similar to this year, although 2016 criteria has not been officially released. The University Awards Subcommittee will follow these criteria in choosing the campus nominees. Also below is a list of the UW-Stevens Point faculty and program nominees in previous years.
Please note, the Regents Award Committee information is strictly informational; the Regents Award Committee nomination should not be completed unless selected as the UW-Stevens Point nominee to the Regents Award Committee. The University Awards Subcommittee will notify the individual faculty member and department selected in an adequate timeframe to allow needed time to prepare the required materials for submission to the Regents Award Committee. Chief of Staff, Rob Manzke, assists selected UW-Stevens Point nominees (individual faculty and department) in the Regent Award Committee nomination process.
For more information on the nature of the awards and past awardees, please see
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nanci Simon in the Faculty Senate Office (

(Excellence in Teaching, Scholarship, and Service,
Excellence in Teaching, University Scholar, and University Service)
Congratulations to 2014-2015 University Award recipients! 
Excellence in Teaching, Scholarship and Service
Andy Felt, Mathematical Sciences
Excellence in Teaching: 
Jennifer Bray, Biology; Perry Cook, Education; Shelli Dubay, CNR;
Neil Prendergast, History; Dona Warren, Philosophy
University Scholar:
Eric Anderson, CNR; Robert Rosenfield, Biology
University Service:
Tobias Barske, World Languages and Literatures; Randy Olson, Physics and Astronomy


 (Academic Staff Excellence Award and Academic Staff Spirit of Community Service Award) 

Congratulations to 2014-2015 Academic Staff Award recipients! 
Academic Staff Excellence
Jim Joque, Disability & Assistive Technology Center
Academic Staff Spirit of Community Service
Scott Johnson, Central Wisconsin Environmental Station

(Individual and Program)
Congratulations to Deb Aeby, selected as the campus nominee for the 2015 Regents Academic Staff Excellence Award for the individual award category.  


(Sargis Award, University Service, Outstanding Performance)

Congratulations to 2014-2015 award recipients! 

Sargis Award:
Ann Klosinski, University Centers

University Service:
Randi Greene, University Child Learning and Ca
re Center

Outstanding Performance:
Tammi David, University Advancement
Jackie Durigan, College of Professional Studies
Julie Johnson, University Advancement
Mary Jo Oliver, Continuing Education
Heidi Wallner, Purchasing