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Faculty Senate

The Academic Staff Council (ASC) has the authority to recommend to the Common Council policies pertaining to the members of the academic staff, and pursuant to UWS 9, shall consult with and advise the chancellor on all policies and procedures adopted by the University pursuant to chapters UWSP 9-14 and UWS 9-14 of the Academic Staff Personnel Rules. In addition, the council has the authority to work with and make recommendations to any academic staff, faculty, university staff, or administrative committee or agency that is concerned with academic staff welfare.
Common Council academic staff councilors diversification rules can be changed by ASC, pending approval by the academic staff members of Common Council.
2014-2015 Academic Staff Council membership and meeting schedule
The Academic Staff Awards Subcommittee has the authority to select academic staff recipients of university awards and the UW-Stevens Point nominee for the Academic Staff Regents Award for Excellence.
2014-2015 Academic Staff Awards Subcommittee membership
The Academic Staff Mediation Subcommittee has the authority to appoint hearing committees to conduct hearings in any of the following:
  • Grievances of fixed term academic staff who have served seven years or more on .5 FTE or more and who have not been reappointed
  • Nonrenewal of probationary academic staff appointments
  • Dismissal of academic staff
  • Layoff of academic staff for reasons of budget or program
  • Complaints of/against academic staff
  • Grievances of/against academic staff
2014-2015 Academic Staff Mediation Subcommittee membership
The Academic Staff Salary Subcommittee has the authority, pursuant to the constitution, to review all policies for the distribution of salary to the academic staff including those who hold administrative appointments, make recommendations on such to the Academic Staff Council, and to propose revisions or new plans for distribution of salary to the Academic Staff Council.
2014-2015 Academic Staff Salary Subcommittee
The Academic Staff Representative represents the UW-Stevens Point academic staff at all meetings of the University of Wisconsin Academic Staff Representatives and reports information/action items to the academic staff.  Jenny Resch is currently the Academic Staff Representative for UW-Stevens Point academic staff.
For questions regarding Academic Staff policies contact:
Katie Jore
Associate Vice Chancellor for Personnel, Budget and Grants
202 Old Main
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Ponit
Phone: 715 346-3710