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Faculty Senate

The Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) has the authority to recommend to the Common Council-Faculty Senate policies pertaining to academic affairs, and to determine such policies subject to review by the council, in such matters as the following: 
  • The Mission of the University: The committee shall regularly review the mission and the long-range goals of the university and may recommend changes in both.
  • Outreach programs: The committee shall recommend policies pertaining to the organization, curriculum, and staffing of such programs as continuing education, summer and interim sessions, and international programs.
  • Learning Resources: The committee shall recommend policies pertaining to learning resources and to related facilities and services.
  • Academic Standards: The committee shall recommend such policies as those pertaining to preadmission counseling, admission, grade review, academic probation and dismissal, readmission of students, graduation requirements, general degree requirements, assessment of students, and the individually planned major.
  • Inter-organizational Collaborations: The committee shall review, prior to formal signing, all academic agreements with other universities or organizations which will lead to inter-institutional affiliation.  

2014-2015 AAC membership and meeting schedule


The Academic Affairs Committee includes the following subcommittees:

The Assessment Subcommittee (AS) recommends policy pertaining to the assessment of students.  The Assessment Subcommittee: 
  • Reviews and provides constructive feedback on department's proposed methods and instruments used in discipline-specific assessment (Assessment Plan) and analysis of assessment evidence (Assessment Report);
  • Informs departments of changes in assessment requirements imposed by the UW System and accrediting agencies;
  • Serves as a campus resource regarding assessment issues (e.g., new testing instruments, changing perceptions of assessment, assessment efforts of peer institutions) and coordinate with appropriate offices to offer workshops and provide resources to facilitate continuous improvement efforts in teaching and learning at UW-Stevens Point;
  • Determines whether the assessment process is improving teaching and learning at UW-Stevens Point, and report its findings to the Academic Affairs Committee on an annual basis
  • Recommend changes to the assessment process as needed; 
  • Performs other related duties assigned to it by the Common Council--Faculty Senate, the Executive Committee, and the Academic Affairs Committee. 

2014-2015 AS membership and meeting schedule 

The Department Review Subcommittee (DRS) is responsible for conducting all local program reviews. The goal is to complete review of programs within each department every ten years according to an assessment and department review schedule.  
2014-2015 DRS membership and meeting schedule 
The Grade Review Subcommittee (GRS) reviews grade appeals and assures continuity and consistency in the screening of grade appeals.  Michael Estanich is the 2014-2015 Grade Review Subcommittee Chair. 
2014-2015 GRS membership