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Cornerstone Press is a small, independent publishing house located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Established in 1984, Cornerstone Press has published 33 titles to date in nearly every imaginable genre. It operates with the support of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Department of English.

Abigail Bostwick is a local author from Tomahawk, Wisconsin. As an author who has been writing since childhood, Bostwick wanted to take a different approach with The Great Cat Nap by telling it from the perspective of a cat—a perspective inspired by her own cat, Boots.

The Great Cat Nap is filled with adventure, suspense, and humor. Ace is witty and engaging. This book will appeal to not only adolescents, but mainstream mystery readers, animal enthusiasts, and adventure lovers.

Ace is a resident at a small town newspaper in Lakeville, Wisconsin. When famous show cat, Ruby the Russian, goes missing, Ace is on the story. But Ace bites off more than he can chew when he agrees to play detective and find the show cat, believed to have been stolen by lawless animal smugglers. Calling on his feline friends, a few dogs, and even a boastful rat nemesis, Ace's investigation leads him everywhere—from the most respected parts of town to the lowly haunts of the underground alley cat system. He'll have to break a cat out of death row for information and get into a single-pawed battle with smugglers before solving the dangerous crime, all culminating on a chilly October night in the gray and lonely streets of downtown.

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