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Cornerstone Press is a small, independent publishing house located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Established in 1984, Cornerstone Press has published 35 titles to date in nearly every imaginable genre. It operates with the support of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Department of English.

 Our Most Recent Publication

 Author D.K. Wells

 About D.K. Wells

​​Wells lives in central Wisconsin with her husband and their dog Ike who loves the outdoors more than he loves ice cream - which is saying something. She has authored and co-authored a number of non-fiction books, but STAY! is her first work of fiction.
Whether she is working on fiction or fact, Wells says, "I do my cleanest writing quite early in the day when, vertical and caffeinated, I'm ready to go. I'd like to say Ike is lying quietly at my feet as I write, but he's usually at an open window - ears rotating this way and that, body trembling in anticipation, nose pressed to the screen, capturing the scents of the deer and other wildlife as they pass stealthily through our yard before sunrise. Like me, he's upright and ready to go. It's our best time of day."


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