​Faculty & Staff: J. Christine Gould

Christine Gould

Professor of Education

Phone: 715-346-3223
Office: CPS 456
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  • B.A. Degree: Utah State University
    • Speech and English
  • M.A. Degree: University of Utah
    • Special Education/Learning Disabilities
  • Ph.D. Degree: University of Utah
    • Special Education/Gifted and Talented


  • Educ 362: Classroom Management Techniques and Strategies/Fall & Spring
  • Educ 364: Curriculum and Methods for Students with Exceptional Needs - I/Fall & Spring
  • Educ 397: Supervised Practicum in the Regular Classroom/Fall Only
  • Educ 398: Student Teaching Supervision/Fall Only
  • Educ 314: Nature and Needs of the Gifted/Spring Only
  • Educ 370: Nature and Needs of the Gifted/Winterim Only
  • Educ 564: Curriculum and Methods for Teaching Exceptional Children - I/ Odd Summers
  • Educ 704: Strategies for Discipline and Classroom Management/Even Summers
  • Educ 781: Teaching Exceptional Children Practicum-Internship/Spring Only
  • Educ 791: Foundations of Gifted/Talented Education/Fall Only
  • Educ 792: Curriculum Methods for Teaching Students with Gifts and Talents/ Spring Only
  • Educ 795: Practicum in Teaching Students with Gifts and Talents/Fall, Spring & Summer


Christine Gould teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in teacher education at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She teaches classroom management, special education methodology, and education of gifted and talented students. In addition to teaching her courses, she is the director of the Network for Gifted Education at UW-Stevens Point. The network sponsors two children's programs College Days for Kids and Youth in College. College Days for Kids is a two day enrichment program held on the UW-Stevens Point campus which brings high ability sixth graders to campus for two Fridays during which they are taught classes by faculty and academic staff. Youth in College is a summer program for high ability children who have completed grades k-8. Participants take one in-depth class for a two-week time period.


Prof. Gould has received the UW-Stevens Point "Mentor" award as well as the Dean's Merit for Service and Vice Chancellor's Merit for Scholarship. She has been a catalyst in designing a gifted and talented add-on license for the state of Wisconsin. Dr. Gould serves as a faculty advisor to the UW-Stevens Point chapter of the Student Wisconsin Education Association . She has been active at the departmental, university, and state levels in service to the university, surrounding community, and the state of Wisconsin.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed and Editorially Selected)

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Chapters in Books and Monographs (Peer Reviewed):

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Chapters in Books and Monographs (Invited):

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