Emergency License/Permits

If you have been hired by a district and are not licensed in that subject or developmental range, use the PI-1602-EL form to apply for or renew emergency licenses and permits (including long-term substitutes). DPI indicates that these are licenses which are requested by an employing school district after a search for a fully-licensed candidate was conducted and was unsuccessful. For more information, go to: http://dpi.wi.gov/tepdl/emerg.html.


  1. Print off the appropriate license
  2. Follow the directions and complete form.
  3. Attain school district verifications/signatures needed.
  4. Attach any additional forms needed and payment.
  5. Forward to appropriate institution:
    1. For first time emergency license request, follow directions and send directly to DPI.
    2. For renewals, send to the institution where you are pursuing the new license. They will sign and forward straight to DPI. Please do not send renewal forms to institutions until grades are posted.


  • Emergency license renewals require the completion of 6 required credits towards the new license program completed by the start of the renewal year.
  • If for any reason you are not able to complete the 6 required credits, attach a letter, addressed to DPI, with an explanation as to why you did not meet this requirement and your plan to complete the program, including coursework, assessments and semester/term you plan on completing each. DPI will expect you to make up any missing credits the following year in order to approve future renewals. Example, 3 required credits taken the first year; 9 required credits or completion of the program will be needed the following year. The certification officer at the institution is only able to sign renewal license requests if the 6 required credits are completed. However, they are able to submit verification that the plan in your letter is possible. DPI has the right to deny emergency license renewals if this requirement is not met. 


Maggie Beeber, Certification Officer


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