​School of Education Weekly Newsletter

Week of October 20, 2014

Welcome to week 8 of the semester. 
Be an Informed Voter
Election day is two weeks away. We encourage you to take time to become an informed voter over the next couple of weeks and participate in the election on Tuesday, November 4. 

WisconsinVote.org is an excellent source that provides candidate information, polling locations, and  rules for college-student voting
Advising Information for Winterim and Spring
  • ​Know when you register. Your registration date/time has been posted to MyPoint. Directions for registration are also on MyPoint.
  • Review your DPR prior to your appointment to make sure you are on track to graduate.
  • Review your SOE Undergraduate Handbook or Advising Guide to make sure you are meeting expectations in a timely manner.
  • Review the timetable prior to your advising appointment to determine how your classes fit together.
  • You should bring your School of Education Handbook or Advising Guide, a newly printed Degree Progress Report (available on MyPoint), any planning sheets you need for Education and your major or minor, and a graduation plan (if you have one).
  • Make a list of questions or concerns and discuss them with your adviser.
  • Pre-registration for spring is required for all ECE and Education courses other than Education 205. The Pre-registration directions are available online. The deadline to see your School of Education adviser is Wednesday, October 29.
  • Pre-registration for courses in other departments has already begun and is typically on a first-come, first-served basis. Com Dis 367, Health Ed 280, Natural Resources 370 and Phy Ed 231 do not require permission. The PR means you must be admitted to the Professional Education Program.
  • Participate fully in the advising experience. 
  • Follow through on recommendations from your adviser. 

Maggie Beeber and John Gaffney
  • John Gaffney's Open Advising

  • Maggie Beeber's Open Advising
  • Appointment Directions 

  • SCEC Professor Panel - Oct. 21

  • Make a Difference Day - Oct. 25  

  • Teaching English in Japan Info meeting - Nov. 18 


  • Professional Education Application Deadlines
  • Waiver Application Deadlines  

  • New and used book sale (NEW)

  • Math Placement Exams 

  • Foreign Language Placement Exams 

  • Kappa Delta Pi Applications 

  • edTPA Workshops for Spring 2015 student teachers 

  • Praxis II Changes

  • Future summer/winter education courses 

  • Pre-Professional Interview Options 

  • Praxis Core - Test Information
  • Praxis II/ACTFL - Test Information
  • Praxis II Study Group for ECE, Elementary & Special Ed majors & minors  

  • Professional Competency Program 

  • Praxis II Flashcards for ECE, Elementary & Special Ed majors & minors 

  • Praxis II Online Preparation available for ECE, Elementary, Special Education majors/minors and Secondary English, Math, Science, and Social Science

  • Foundations of Reading Test for Wisconsin Workshop