​School of Education Weekly Newsletter

Week of March 2, 2015

Welcome to week 7 of the semester.

As you may have already heard, the roll-out of the Fall 2015 Timetable has been delayed until March 23. This additional time is needed to ensure the most accurate Fall schedule possible as we work through the budget reduction to the University.

There are no date changes for student registration appointments times, however.

Prior to registering for courses, students are required to schedule an advising appointment with their academic advisor. Students may locate their advisor's name in myPoint. Each department has their own advising schedule and students should be contacted by their advisor as to when their department's official advising period begins. 

Advising for Fall 2015
Electronic authorization must be granted by advisors before students can register for fall semester courses. Authorization is NOT required for summer session.
  • ​Students should plan on setting up an advising appointment time with their academic advisor. It is imperative that students be advised earlier, not later. The timetable is not necessary for advising purposes. 
  • Once the timetable is posted, changes are still likely to occur. Students should check the timetable more than once prior to registration to insure courses/sections have not changed. 
  • If a course is permission required (PR), it could indicate one of three things:
    • ​Students must receive permission from the department offering the course well before registration.
    • Admission to a specific program is required. For example, Health Ed 280, Phy Ed 231 and NR 370 only require admission to the Professional Education Program. (Pre-registration directions for Education/ECE courses will be sent by email later this week.)
    • A course or section is on hold and may not be offered. Contact the department offering the course to learn more.
​​Applying to graduate
Students should apply for graduation at least one-two semesters before their intended date of graduation. If a student has applied for graduation it is noted on their DPR, column 1, under the Major/Minor information.
  • ​Graduating students should check their DPR after they register to make sure all requirements say OK or OK/IP.  If something is not listed as “OK” or “OK/IP” then there may be an issue with the student graduating during their desired graduation term. 
  • Any questions concerning graduation should be directed to Patty Patterson, in the Office of the Registrar. 
Web Registration 
Students will be able to register for both fall and summer courses at the same time. 
  • ​Registration for continuing students is April 13 - 27, 2015.
  • Registration for graduate students begins March 23, 2015.
Registration Times
  • ​Students can view their appointment times on myPoint beginning Monday, March 2. 
  • Students are assigned appointment times to register based on total credits earned toward graduation. Current semester hours are not included in determining appointment times.
Maggie Beeber and John Gaffney
  • John Gaffney's Open Advising

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  • Leadership speaker - March 10

  • SCEC Meeting - March 11 (NEW)

  • KDP Mock Interviews - April 15


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  • Praxis II Online Preparation available for ECE, Elementary, Special Education majors/minors and Secondary English, Math, Science, and Social Science

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