​School of Education Weekly Newsletter

Week of November 23, 2015

Welcome to week 13 of the semester.
Registration for the spring semester concludes this week. Here are some final reminders that might help to relieve some of the stress that can come with registration: 
  • Make sure you go to MyPoint and click on “view Registration Date and Time.” Once you can view your date and time, make sure all of your holds are gone before you register. We do not recommend waiting until the day you register.
  • Have multiple schedule options planned out.
  • If you need any courses that have a “PR” in front of them, you must contact that department to get permission. These are usually done on a first-call basis. Some courses may start out without a PR and then all of a sudden you will notice it was added. In most cases, this means that the section closed and the department has started a waiting list (even if you see seats there). Follow these same directions.
  • If you are repeating a course, you need to get your adviser and the department of the course to enter an approval in the computer system. 
  • If courses close, call (don't email) that department to find out how to get into a closed course. Follow their directions exactly and ask how you will find out if you get into what you need. If more than one section or more than one course works, get on all of those waiting lists. Please be courteous and make sure you know which courses and which sections fit your schedule. Example: Geog 100, sections 1 and 3. 
  • Music Ed 381, Phy Ed 231 and HLED 280 – Maggie Beeber keeps the waiting list for these courses. If the course closes, after you register see her during her open advising hours. Make sure to bring a current DPR, your printed spring schedule, your planning sheet and your graduation plan with you. 
  • If you still need help, see Maggie Beeber (ECE, ELEM, and SPED majors) or John Gaffney (secondary/K-12 majors) during their open advising hours.
Have a great week and a safe, relaxing Thanksgiving break.
Maggie Beeber and John Gaffney 
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