Physical Education Program

Admission requirements for acceptance into the School of Education: Incoming freshman and transfer students are "premajors." To become an accepted major follow these procedures: 

a. Before application, complete with a grade of C- or better or be enrolled in in at least 12 credits from the following: P ED 105, 150, 200, 201, 202, 220, 260, 271 or 315. NOTE: P ED 220 must be taken at UW-Stevens Point. 

b. Complete Biology 101 or 160; Complete Chemistry 100 or Physics 100. Note: You must complete one of the above courses and may be enrolled in the other when applying to the Professional Education Program. 

c. Have 2.75 GPA in all credits attempted from all institutions. 

d. Apply to the Professional Education Program (PEP) and to the Physical Education Department for acceptance into the PEP when courses in 2a above are complete or concurrent and you are enrolled in PE D 260. “Pre majors” have two opportunities to apply to the PEP. Failure to apply during enrollment in PE D 260 will result in the forfeiture of one of the two opportunities for admittance to PEP. Failure to meet the School of Education criteria for admittance to PEP when enrolled in 260 will result in a denial. 

e. Candidates must complete the application form for PEP from the Education Advising Office in CPS. In addition candidates must submit a separate set of application materials to the Physical Education Department. Prospective PEP candidates will be evaluated by the Physical Education Department on community service hours, cumulative GPA, PPST (Praxis I) scores, personal statement/reflection, resume and teh Pre-Professional Interview.  The GPA and personal statement/resume will be assigned a higher weight in the total rankings. 

f. Candidates may appeal if denied admission to the program. The appeal process must follow the guidelines as outlined by the School of Education. 

g. Available seats in the PEP will determine the number of majors accepted.  

h. You must be accepted into the PEP or have completed one attempt before enrollment in P ED 310, 331, 332, 360, 370, 380, 391, 428; PEX 400, 401.  

Enrollment Cap: None. 

Applicants must meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Professional Education Program as set by the School of Education.