‚ÄčEnrollment Cap Policies & Additional Application Requirements

The School of Education has implemented enrollment caps for every teacher certification program. Due to these enrollment caps, students may be denied admission into the Professional Education Program even if they meet the minimum requirements.

Students may only apply to a program twice. Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education majors may apply twice for any of the three programs, but may only be admitted to one of the three.

Enrollment Cap Policies

Early Childhood Education (major)

Elementary Education (major)

Special Education (major/minors)

Enrollment Cap Policies and Additional Application Requirements

Communicative Disorders (major)

English (major)

Family & Consumer Education (major)

Foreign Language (major)

Math (major)

Music Education (major)

Physical Education (major)

Sciences (majors/minors)

Social Science (majors/minors)

Enrollment caps may be implemented or adjusted at any time. Those students with an overall GPA under 3.00 are at greatest risk of being denied from the Professional Education Program. Data regarding the number of students denied from each program and the average GPA of admitted students is available on the application.