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Dean of Students

Your Right to Know

The University community should be one in which all members are treated with respect and valued for the unique contributions they make to the campus. One way of ensuring this is to make everyone aware of both their rights and responsibilities as it relates to activities on campus. "Your Right to Know" is one way in which this information is made available to students, faculty and staff. This website includes information about a number of important policies and procedures related to having a just and safe environment in which to work and learn.

This site includes the UW-Stevens Point’s Annual Security Report. It also includes a Resources section that provides a summary of the many support services available to assist students. This puts helpful information close at hand for students and those assisting them. Information regarding alcohol and drug abuse policies including the Alcohol Violations Interventions and Sanctioning Grid is also included.

UW-Stevens Point is committed to the prevention of all forms of discrimination and abuse including coercive sexual contact and unwelcome comments or behavior of a sexual nature. The Sexual Harassment and Consensual and Familial Relationships Policies are outlined on this site.

Federal and state laws, or UW System policies require universities in Wisconsin to publish certain information to help students make informed consumer choices.