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Dean of Students

Student Privacy - FERPA

Parents are often confused and concerned when they attempt to gain access to their students' classroom attendance or grades and are denied, or if they discover that their son or daughter is charged with violating University policy. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects student privacy and requires that our Office maintain strict confidentiality when discussing student records. Our Office encourages students to discuss their grades or discipline case with their parents, and parents are encouraged to speak with their student before contacting the Dean of Students Office. Our staff members are available to discuss, in general, the student disciplinary process at UW – Stevens Point with parents who may have concerns.

The following resources may also be helpful as you seek to understand how FERPA protects the privacy rights of students:

UWSP FERPA Guidelines for:

For more information on the University policies regarding student privacy, please visit the UW-Stevens Point Registration and Records main FERPA website.