Parent Information

A Note to Parents

We welcome parents or guardians to meet with the director or advisor of the Disability & Assistive Technology Center prior to or at the time of your child’s enrollment at UWSP.  An ideal time to meet us is at freshman or transfer Orientation.  Parent input and support can often be beneficial to your son or daughter’s educational and personal development.  We encourage your support and welcome your communication.


Please note that if you choose to communicate with the Disability & Assistive Technology Center staff, and in order for this communication to be functional, we need the permission and cooperation of your child.  Unless he/she is under the age of 18 or has you documented as their legal guardian, a written consent signed by the student is needed in order for us to discuss their progress with you.  In some cases, parents choose not to communicate with our office staff and the student manages their entire affairs.  In some cases, the student refuses their parent’s involvement.  And in other cases, a parent chooses to touch base with us occasionally relative to their child’s education, in which case we will need to make sure the consent form is signed and placed in their student file.


We encourage you as parents or guardians to support your child in their pursuit of an education at UWSP.  You can help by:

  • Taking an interest in their education and campus life (by asking them how it’s going and listening)
  • Reinforcing them for their successes and encouraging them when they are not as successful
  • Giving them some independence, yet being there for them when needed
  • Providing support and encouragement as it relates to their disability
  • Helping them through times if they should experience academic difficulties
  • Welcoming them home for visits or when the semester or academic year has ended.

Thank you in advance for your concern about your son or daughter’s education at UWSP.  And thank you for trusting that the Disability & Assistive Technology Center will do all that we can to help your child strive toward success.