The Leading Edge


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the advantage of participating in The Leading Edge? Didn't I already get the info I need during Freshmen or Transfer Orientation?

A: Our program will compliment your earlier Orientation by introducing you to the services available specifically to students with disabilities. We hope to provide you with an additional welcome to UWSP and supplement the information you received from New Student Programs, making you more familiar with the numerous resources on campus dedicated to assisting students with disabilities. You will also get a head-start on connecting with many of those faculty/staff members, which will hopefully minimize waiting for appointment times during the very busy start of the semester. We also hope you begin connecting with other students who have similar experiences and share similar questions and concerns.

Q: Should I plan on bringing any documentation of my disability to the program?

A: If you have not submitted anything yet it would be ideal if you could bring your qualifying documents to The Leading Edge. This will allow us to meet with you and set up your accommodations for the Fall and hopefully save you another meeting during the first few hectic weeks of class. If you have questions about what documents to bring please contact the Disability & Assistive Technology Center at 715-346-3365.

Q: Is there a cost to participate in The Leading Edge?

A: The Leading Edge is free!! There is no cost to participate.

Q: Does The Leading Edge conflict with moving into the residence halls?

A: No. Students will be allowed to move into the halls early 11:00am - 1:00 pm August 27th, 2014. An early move in charge is billed directly to your student accoount from Residential Living.

Q: Are meals included in the The Leading Edge?

A: Students as a group will go to the DUC for supper. Other meals for participants are on their own. On-campus dining facilities will be open and numerous off-campus restaurants are nearby.

Q: Do I have to be a Residence Hall student to participate in the program?

A: No. If you plan on commuting to UWSP or living off campus you can participate in The Leading Edge.

Q: Will there be Leading Edge programming devoted to parents/guardians?

A: Parents/guardians are welcome to join us for the Welcome session after that point the program will be directed toward students.

Q: What if I need an accommodation to participate in the program?

A: If you have a disability that requires accommodation during The Leading Edge Program, please notify us immediately on your registration form so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Please feel free to contact the Disability & Assistive Technology Center 715-346-3365 with any other questions regarding The Leading Edge. We hope to see you there!!