The Leading Edge

Confidentiality Statement:

A note about Disclosure and Confidentiality.  Students attending the Leading Edge orientation program should be aware that there will be a certain degree of disclosure that will exist due to the nature of the program. Although the amount of disclosure or lack of disclosure relative to your disability is your personal choice while attending Leading Edge, you will be disclosing the fact that you have a disability by mere means of your attendance and participation in this program. However, we want you to feel no pressure to discuss your disability if you choose not to talk about it. But at the same time, we welcome you to talk about it should you wish to do so. Also, please respect the privacy of all those in the program. Since you will be spending two days with other students who have disabilities, we request that you keep confidential the information about other people’s disabilities that may be shared during the Leading Edge program. With this respect in place, we should have an enjoyable and productive session.

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