Policies & Procedures

Before arranging a catered event, please be aware of our Policies and the following procedures:

Food Service Requests


Price Changes

Payment & Taxes

Additional Fees

Event Attendance & Deadlines

Set Up & Food Display Times


Alcohol Policies

Dietary Restrictions

Decoration Guidelines

Off-Premise Catering Guidelines

China Delivery & Charges

Wedding & Special Events Policies

Food Sale Permits & Liability Waivers

Right of First Refusal

DUC Events

Facility Use

All groups and organizations which request the use of facilities and services will be charged accordingly for their events. DSC Catering will only allow one organization to use the facilities on any given date(s). All groups and organizations need to follow all the policies and procedures set in place by DSC. All products which are requested for these events by the group or organization, along with fees incurred for supervision and support will be charged accordingly. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring group or organization, to supply all information in writing 2 weeks or 10 business days prior to the event. DSC Catering is NOT responsible for any changes or discrepancies, based off the information that has been provided, as it pertains to the event.​

Student organizations of UWSP may inquire about using DSC facilities by filling out the Facilities Use Agreement​.

Fundraising Policies

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