Policies & Procedures


Before arranging a catered event, please be aware of our Policies and the following procedures:
  • If you have any other questions, please contact our catering department via email.
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Food Service Requests


Price Changes

Payment & Taxes

All University related events are required to supply account codes when submitting a request for services. Taxes will be added to any event being funded by a four digit account. Upon completion of an event, an electronic invoice will be sent for payment. This invoice is to be attached to the appropriate payment services paperwork and returned to the Catering office (DUC 340H). All event paperwork needs to be returned within 10 days of receipt. Any invoices which are 30 or more days past due will result in additional charges or the suspension of services for that account.

  • ​We accept UW Departmental funding along with Master Card, Visa, Discover Card, checks or cash for payment.
  • We require a signed contract or e-mail confirmation advance of your scheduled event.

All non-UW system events are required to pay one half of their total amount due, two weeks prior to their scheduled event.

All catered events will be subject to 5.5% sales tax when applicable. A tax exempt number is required for your organization in order to not be charged sales tax.

Additional Fees

Event Attendance & Deadlines

Set Up & Food Display Times


Alcohol Policies

Dietary Restrictions

Decoration Guidelines

Off-Premise Catering Guidelines

China Delivery & Charges

Wedding & Special Events Policies

Food Sale Permits & Liability Waivers

Right of First Refusal

DUC Events

Facility Use

Fundraising Policies

Contact Campus Catering Services

Potluck Policies