PEX 760 Section 79


​​Advanced Practicum and Community Connections in Adapted Physical Education

This distance education course is intended to assist you in gaining experience and contacts within your immediate community for practical and advocacy purposes. Registrants for this course are required to:

  • Locate an educational setting for individuals with disabilities in their community. This practicum includes a 30-hour commitment to the educational setting.
  • Obtain the setting director’s approval of your participation as a practicum site and request the setting director to provide an individual willing to participate as your supervisor. The supervisor’s primary responsibility will be to facilitate your learning experience through mentorship and communication with the university advisor (Kristi Roth).

This course requires no less and no more than 2 hours per week in a school-based practicum setting. Opportunities exist to work this requirement into the general teaching responsibilities if certain prerequisites are met. (Please discuss with the instructor.) Additional responsibilities include weekly online communication with the course instructor and other class members.


 Adapted Physical Education Add-On Certification (860)


​This course is intended for individuals who are accepted to the 860 Add-on Certification in Adapted Physical Education program.

Adapted Physical Education Add-On Certification (860)


 Textbook Information

​There is no textbook for this course.

 Tuition and Fees


WI Graduate
1 credit: $444.47

Tuition reflects Wisconsin resident off-campus rate plus a $20 distance education administration fee.




​Permission is required to register for this course.

Cathy Scheder
CPS 100




PEX 760


Sept. 2 - Dec. 12
100% Online


Sue Reinhardt
Associate Lecturer