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Activating and Navigating your UWSP myPoint Account

Activating your account:

You will need the following information to activate your account: 
1. Your UWSP ID number (You should receive this in your UWSP letter of admission and your letter of acceptance into the Health and Wellness Management program.   
If you did not receive your UWSP ID number, contact Vicki Carlson or 715-346-4782. 
2. Your Social Security Number
3. Your birth-date  
Enter the information and follow the prompts.  You will have your UWSP myPoint account set up in no time.  

Navigating myPoint:

There will be important information on your myPoint account. 
Campus announcements, your course schedule, GPA calculator, access to your course grades, your e-bill statement of tuition owed, your account balance, online bill-payment links, and a link to your UWSP e-mail are in this account.
Make sure to check your myPoint page and your UWSP e-mail daily.

Notice the links at the top right, the tabs and the information boxes: 


Let’s start with the tabs and information boxes…

 Clicking on the tabs opens up the file with information regarding the tab’s name.  For example, clicking on the ‘Academics’ tab will bring up information boxes with your course schedule and registration information  Clicking on the ‘Finances’ tab will bring up information boxes with a link to your account balance . 
Take a few minutes to explore the information boxes under each tab.

More information to be aware of:

Under the ‘Home’ tab is an information box named ‘myLinks.’  Here you can customize your page with links that are important and/or used often.  Some suggestions for links to include are:
•   CPS Continuing Education 
•   HWM Website:
•   Course drop refund schedule
•   Registration and Records 

Even more information to be aware of:

Under the ‘Academics’ tab is an information box named ‘myRegistration.’  Here you will find a link for “Appointment Time and Registration Holds.”   The “Appointment Time” is the day campus registration opens to you.  Because the HWM program is a collaborative program with other UW Universities and not only a UWSP program, the “Appointment Time” listed for you here is not correct.  You will be notified of the date the HWM program registration will open for students in the program.
In the ‘Course Information’ box you will find a GPA calculator to  compute your grade point average.  (Remember that you need to maintain a 2.75 GPA while in the HWM  program.)  Also in the ‘Course Information’ box is a link for your Grade Report and for your Course History.

 Enough about tabs for now, let’s talk about links……



The “quick links” on the upper right side of the myPoint page not only will move you quicker but will also let you access information  faster.  Please note the ‘log off’ link.  You will want to make sure you always log off the UWSP myPoint system when you are finished so that another user doesn’t access your private information.

The ‘Web E-mail’ link will get you to your UWSP e-mail account.  It’s important for you to check your UWSP e-mail daily because that is the only way the Academic Advisor, instructors and campus offices (including Vicki Carlson in the UWSP Continuing Education office) will communicate with you when they need to contact to you separately from the rest of the class.  Important UWSP announcements also come via e-mail to your UWSP account.


The ‘site index’ link is valuable when looking for a campus office or department, or are not sure what the department’s name really is.

If you have any problems accessing your UWSP myPoint account, contact the UWSP help desk at 1-877-832-8977 or 

The best way for you to become familiar with your myPoint account is to click around and see what information is available.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your

UWSP HWM program manager,

Vicki Carlson at 715-346-4782  or  



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