EDUC 790 Section 79


Brain-Based Education

Presidential Proclamation #6158 declared the 1990s as The Decade of the Brain. As such, an enormous amount of time, funding, and research were dedicated to understanding how the brain works and to uncovering the relationships between and connections to new advances to areas such as behavior, clinical medicine, human-computer interaction and interface, and education. Implications of recent advances in brain studies can have a significant impact on how teachers teach by understanding how the mind learns, organizes, stores, and retrieves and processes information. 

Through this course we aim to address the relevance and importance of brain research to practicing, professional educators. Participants will enter into the world of modern cognitive neuroscience by way of readings, webquests, personal research, internet explorations, activities, and focused online discussions designed to provide educators opportunities to consider the potential impact of this area of active research to the practice of education of both mainstream and special needs students.
Course Topics:
Participants will be provided the opportunities to explore the following topics in relation to the practice of professional education. The following listings are not necessarily sequential. We will weave in and out of these topics:
  • An Overview of Basic Brain Development
  • Hemispheric Functional Specialization
  • Information Processing in the Brain Memory and Learning
  • Thinking Skills and Transfer
  • Understanding Gender Differences
  • Techniques and Classroom Applications

 Textbook Information


Brain-Based Learning (Edition 2, 2008) by Jenson
ISBN: 978-1412962568

Text available from the University Store and Text Rental

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Methods - WTS 2
Diversity - WTS 3
Instruction - WTS 4

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EDUC 790


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