EDUC 370/570 or HPW 490/690 Section 797


Stress Relief Techniques

With larger class sizes, inclusion practices, new technology, increased administrative tasks and accountability, teachers are under a lot of stress. This class will provide a means to reduce that stress and prevent further stress from accumulating. Simple ways of using these techniques in a classroom situation with students will also be explored.

The objective of the course is to provide direct experience of a variety of relaxation and therapeutic movement and touch techniques to relieve stress and renew body, mind and spirit; and to explore ways to incorporate these techniques into daily life. Techniques will include: Acupressure and self-massage, gentle yoga, Qigong, meditation, work with mudras, Reiki and educational kinesiology. Other techniques may be included depending on interest of students.
Note: Please wear comfortable clothing such as sweat pants or tights and a T-shirt, something that allows freedom of movement. Bring a yoga mat or a thick towel or blanket to each class. You might also want a firm pillow or bolster to sit on, a strap or necktie for stretching exercises and water in a spill-proof container.

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 WI Teacher Standards


​This course meets the following Wisconsin Teacher Standards.​

Content - WTS 1
Methods - WTS 2
Diversity - WTS 3
Instruction - WTS 4
Management - WTS 5
Reflection - WTS 9
Professionalism - WTS 10

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 Tuition and Fees

WI Undergraduate
1 credit: $298.58
​WI Graduate
1 credit: $454.97



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EDUC 370 (Undergraduate)
EDUC 570 (Graduate)
HPW 490 (Undergraduate)
HPW 690 (Graduate)
(courses run concurrent) 
June 17 - June 26, 2013
Monday, Wednesday
June 17, 19, 24, 26
9 am - 12 pm
UWSP Campus, CPS Room 228


Maureen Houlihan