EDUC 370/570 Section 7901-7913


Turtle Project: Essential Skills for Learning

The turtle is a symbol of Mother Earth, peace, harmony, and everlasting life. The 13 shields on the turtle's back are symbols representing what I believe are essential skills for learning.

The following topics are the skills leading to being an independent learner. This course provides each topic as an option for teachers and parents to study, explore, and integrate into their curriculum and/or everyday life.


•Self Advocacy (Section 7901)
•Failure as a Tool (Section 7902)
•Independence (Section 7903)
•Social Issues (Section 7904)
•Counseling (Section 7905)
•Strengths (Section 7906)
•Remediation (Section 7907)
•Problem-Solving Skills (Section 7908)
•How Do I Learn? (Section 7909)
•Generalization (Section 7910)
•Communication Skills (Section 7911)
•Assistive Technology (Section 7912)
•Relationship & Life Skills (Section 7913)
Topic Definitions

 Textbook Information

​There is no textbook for this course.

 WI Teacher Standards


Content - WTS 1
Methods - WTS 2
Diversity - WTS 3
Communications - WTS 6
Reflection - WTS 9

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction link to Teacher Standards descriptions and information.


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Cathy Scheder
CPS 100



EDUC 370 (undergrad)
EDUC 570 (graduate)
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Sept. 2 - Dec. 12
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Brenda Jozwiak
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