EDUC 370/570 Section 792


Creative Problem Solving: Tools and Process

Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a framework which individuals or groups can use to formulate problems, opportunities, or challenges; generate and analyze many, varied and novel options; and plan for effective implementation of new solutions or courses of action. This CPS framework builds on over four decades of theory, research, and application in a variety of contexts. CPS offers a powerful set of tools for productive thinking and can be learned and used successfully by children, adolescents and adults. It is currently used world-wide in business, industry and education. Included with this course, students will learn about their individual preference for problem solving.



 Textbook Information


Creative Approaches to Problem Solving: A Framework for Innovation and Change by Scott Isaksen, et al.
ISBN: 978-1412977739

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 WI Teacher Standards


​Content - WTS 1
Methods - WTS 2
Diversity - WTS 3
Instruction - WTS 4
Management - WTS 5
Communications - WTS 6
Curriculum - WTS 7
Assessment - WTS 8
Reflection - WTS 9
Professionalism - WTS 10

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2 credits: $ 579.96
3 credits: $ 849.94

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1 credit: $ 472.02
2 credits: $ 904.04
3 credits: $ 1,336.06

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EDUC 370 (undergrad)
EDUC 570 (graduate)

Sept. 2 - Dec. 12
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Patricia Schoonover
Associate Lecturer