Early Childhood/Middle Childhood Add-On Certification

​Required Courses

12 credit hours required

EDUC 570 Methods and Materials for Teaching Literacy and Language
(Ages 9-11)

Summer 2014 ​​​(3 credits)

The purpose of this course is to acquire knowledge of literacy and language expertise with ages 9-11. Instructional tasks (assignments) are based on learning objectives that focus on balanced literacy and language methods appropriate for this age. Instructional tasks will be applied to a school setting.  Course learning outcomes are based on the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI) 2007 Elementary Educational Standards. In an interactive online environment instructional activities are aligned with the four domains (modules) of Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. 

EDUC 570 Curriculum and Methods for Teaching Students (Ages 8-11)
Summer 2014 (3 credits) 

The course will expose teachers to the common core standards and content knowledge within the academic disciplines appropriate for this age level. The course will concentrate on teaching the methodologies that includes planning, instructional strategies and assessment for students ages 8-11.

HLED 280 Health Education in the Elementary School 
Spring 2015​ (3 credits)
This course provides the background information and skills teachers need to implement comprehensive school health education at the grade levels in which they are certified. This course is designed to have students engage in an analysis of effective approaches to teaching health education in our schools, primarily utilizing prevention theory. 
Math 390/590 Math and Methods for Intermediate Grades
Spring 2015 (3 credits)

Topics from probability, statistics, and rational numbers will be emphasized; principles, goals, and methods related to teaching these topics will be addressed. An overall goal of this course is to provide a rich perspective and background in probability, data analysis and rational numbers so that the related content can be taught knowledgeably and confidently. Additionally, the methodologies and theories related to the teaching and learning of these topics will be emphasized.

*Depending on your license and previous coursework additional courses may be required. Please refer to your program plan before registering for courses. 


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