Coaching Minor for Teachers


 Required Courses


COAC 190: Principles of Coaching
(3 credits) 
Principles of effective coaching at the K-12 level with emphasis on NASPE coaching standards, competencies, best practices, and growth and development for all levels of sport.

COAC 372: Psycho-Social Aspects of Coaching
(3 credits) 
Study of social and behavioral factors in coaching. Prereq: 190.

AT 351: Acute Care and Risk Management of Athletic Injuries 
(3 credits)
Cause and treatment of acute athletic injuries, as well as policy and procedure development strategies to ensure appropriate health care for athletes.  Prereq: Coaching 200 and WLNS 123.

PED 362: Optimal Sports Performance
(3 credits) 
Theory and application of performance enhancement techniques, weight room management, and nutrition for athletic teams. Prereq: 190, 200.

COAC 200: Scientific Concepts of Coaching
(3 credits)
Scientific concepts of anatomy, biochmechanics, and physiology applied to coaching athletes.  Analysis of performance based on anatomical and mechanical principles.

PED 391: Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Athletics 
(3 credits) 
Physical education, intramural and interscholastic K-12 athletic programs.  Philosophy, mission and objectives, purchase and care of equipment, budgeting and fund raising, legal issues, public relations, leadership/supervision, professional standards and certification for teacher/coaches. 

COAC 398: Practicum Experience in Coaching
(2 credits)
Practical experiences in coaching sports at various educational levels. 1 hr lec, 2 hrs lab work/week.  Prereq: 190, 200; AT 351; and PED 362, with 15 cr completed in the minor.

Additional required credit:  At least two courses (4 credits) related to coaching specific sports.  Credit may be waived depending on experience in the field outlined in your letter of intent. 

Most courses are offered either as a hybrid or in an online format.

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