​Afterschool Credential


This four-course credential (12 credits) is designed for any individual working in an out-of-school-time program for children between the ages of 5–12 and is 100 percent online.

Caring for and enriching the lives of school age children 
beyond the school day requires a unique set of skills that combines and crosses many professional disciplines and is grounded in an understanding of the growth and development of children. Working with school age children in the informal out-of-school time is a commitment to making a difference for children. You serve as a guide and mentor as children master skills, develop friendships, grow in independence, and move to new levels of thinking and understanding about themselves and the world. 

It is an exciting and challenging responsibility to create a supportive environment for a group of school-age children, to develop a relationship with each one, and meet their needs as individuals and as a group. Children’s experiences during this period in their lives can increase their self-confidence and competency and enhance school success. 

Through the four courses of this credential the school age program and group leader will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively guide and facilitate the learning experiences of the children in their care.​ ​


HD 490 Section 791: Foundations in Afterschool and Youth Development

This first course provides an overview of the knowledge and skills individuals need to care for school-age children between the ages of 5–12 in a group setting.​

HD 490 Section 792: Engaging Youth in Groups

This course explores the dynamics of working with children and youth ages 5–12 in groups and group settings. Examination of program and group relationship factors that support or inhibit positive adult-to-youth and peer-to-peer relationships.

HD 490 Section 793: Intentionality in Programming

This course focuses on the learning environment and curricular models within an informal learning environment

HD 490 Section 794: Capstone Course: Site Programming and Operations​

This course will deepen your understanding of creating a comprehensive program and will explore the use of self and program assessment tools.​

​​Scholarships Through TEACH!

TEACH Early Childhood® Wisconsin care provides funding to professionals currently working in school age care settings. To be eligible you must work at least 25 hours per week, have the support of your sponsoring program, and be employed by your sponsoring program for a minimum of three months. For additional eligibility requirements please visit the Wisconsin Early Childhood website.

Apply now for TEACH Scholarships​. Processing of eligibility takes up to six weeks so plan accordingly to apply for this excellent scholarship opportunity. For specific information about TEACH please contact one of the Wisconsin Early​ Childhood Association Counselors at 800-783-9322.​




Marsha Larson, Ph.D.
Foundations in Afterschool and Youth Development
Engaging Youth in Groups
Intentionality in
Capstone Course: Site Programming and Operations​​

 Program Contact

​​Cathy Scheder
Outreach Program Manager

CPS 100