Adapted Physical Education Add-On Certification (860)

Required Courses

PEX 715 Advanced Assessment and Prescription in Adapted Physical Education
(2 credits - Hybrid) 
Current assessment and evaluation tools and techniques used in adapted physical education. Appropriate prescription techniques, ecological inventories, and placement recommendations based on the least restrictive environment. Application of evaluation within the IEP process.  Prereq: Certif to teach phy ed. 

PEX 740 Advanced Seminar in Adapted Physical Education
(3 credits - Face to face)
An in-depth study of problems as they relate to procedures, practices, organization, and administration in adapted physical education.  Remediation of problems through IEP maintenance, appropriate curricular planning, activity selection, and instructional techniques.  Application of solutions to barriers within a on-campus lab setting. Prereq: Certif to teach phy ed; 715, 760 or con reg.

PEX 760 Advanced Practicum and Community Connections in Adapted Physical Education
(1 credit - Online)
Level II practicum experience working with students with disabilities in an educational/community based setting with continued practice with evaluation, instruction, reflection. Prereq: 400, 401 or equiv undergrad course.

PEX 400* Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities
(2 credits)
Physical education for individuals with disabilities emphasizing identification, assessment, program development, and learning as they apply to instruction. Prereq: Con reg in 401; and P ED 200, 201, 331; admission to School of Education.

PEX 401* Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities - Practicum
(1 credit)
Hands-on intervention with children with disabilities in aquatics
and motor development. Prereq: Con reg in 400 and P ED 200,
201, 331; admission to School of Education.

EDUC 351or 551* Teaching Children and Youth with Exceptional Needs in the General/Regular Classroom
(3 credits)
Characteristics and differences of students with disabilities, gifts/talents abilities, or culturally diverse backgrounds; alternative teaching approaches emphasizing the least restrictive environment. Practicum is required. Prereq: Psych 110.


*Most undergraduate physical education degree programs require 3 credits of adapted physical education (UWSP's PEX 400, 401) and 3 credits of intro to special needs in the regular classroom (UWSP's EDUC 351).

If you have taken these courses as an undergraduate they will be applied to your add-on preparation. If you have not taken these courses they may be taken at the undergraduate level.

The remaining courses are offered to licensed physical education teachers at the graduate level only.


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