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Cory Thorson '12 graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a degree in business administration while taking classes at UW-Marathon County in Wausau. Cory attended school while running his own business--Composite Envisions in the Wausau Industrial Park.

Gina Kretschmer talks about her experience as a nontraditional student in the UW-Stevens Point Business Degree Completion at UW-Marathon County

"I picked this program because it worked out absolutely perfect for what I needed. It gives me the option to work full time and support my family. I get to come to school and have the face-to-face interaction with teachers and professors that I wanted versus taking online classes. I get the full college experience that I wanted without having to live on campus." Gina '12

More students comment on the Business Degree Completion Program at UWMC

Jill '12"UWSP Business at UWMC offers flexibility in achieving academic goals in a way that is convenient for students by saving them the commute to UWSP." - Jill '11
"As a condition of admittance into an MBA program, I needed two business courses to supplement a liberal arts BA. UW-Stevens Point's outreach in Wausau provided me with classroom learning opportunities conveniently near where I live and work. It has been a great educational experience." - Tim '10


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