The UWSP Counseling Center values the wellness of all UWSP community members, including employees.  Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) allows any UWSP employee to receive a free, confidential consultation with a mental health professional about a worrisome issue. 


A consultation with the EAP Coordinator is free of charge to all employees.​  If it is determined that ongoing psychotherapy visits are called for, the EAP Coordinator will refer you to community providers that are appropriate to give assistance for your concerns.  Though these services might have costs involved, your personal finances will be considered when you are offered referral options.  Counseling Center staff can work to connect you to providers inside of your insurance network.  If you have questions about your insurance coverage, staff from the personnel office or your insurance provider can often clarify the benefits available under your specific plan.​


All information discussed during the EAP consultation is not disclosed to outsiders.  Exceptions to this include when you have consented to the disclosure in writing, a court orders the disclosure, or the safety of you or somebody else is in immediate danger.  Information gained from the consultation does not become part of your personnel file and will not influence personnel decisions, unless you request in writing that this information be disclosed in this way.  If you have questions about confidentiality, any Counseling Center provider can describe your rights in detail.

There are times when a supervisor may direct you to contact the EAP through a formal referral process and may require verification of your attendance.  When this occurs, the EAP program will only verify whether or not you attended the appointment and will not disclose any specific information discussed or disclosed during the appointment.


Self-referral: You may recognize the need for some assistance and seek out the EAP on your own. Simply make an appointment at the Counseling Center with the EAP Coordinator or another staff member assess concerns and gather appropriate recommendations. 

Supervisory Referral: When you notice an employee's job performance has decreased, you as a supervisor will likely meet with the employee to evaluate his/her job performance. A possible recommendation to improve the employee's job performance might include contacting the EAP for assistance. Participation in the program, however, is VOLUNTARY. Supervisors are also welcome to contact the EAP for consultations regarding supervisee behavior. 

Colleague Referral: As a colleague, you may interact with university employees that are struggling with personal and professional stressors. You are welcome to contact the EAP Coordinator to consult about assisting colleagues in distress. EAP professionals, however, will not make initial contact with the colleague in distress.


  • ​Organizational conflicts within departments.
  • Conflict resolution & mediation.
  • Psychological assessments such as ADHD, Learning Disability or Alcohol/Drug Assessments.
  • Policy or employment recommendations in response to worrisome employee behavior.
  • ​Ongoing psychotherapy with employees.

To Schedule a consultation, contact:
Kelsey Richmond, Psy.D., L.P.
EAP Coordinator
UWSP Counseling Center