<DIV id='eventDetails'><h3 id='title'>Minnesota Renaissance Festival Trip</h3> <p id='description'><div>Join us as we travel to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival on Saturday, August 24th! Experience a 16th Century village featuring King Henry and Lady Elizabeth at the largest Renaissance Festival in the United States. The Royal Ale Fest with brewing demonstrations and the Annual Pet Fest are among the themes for the day. If you are in search of something out of the ordinary, visit the 250+ artisan shops for one-of-a-kind apparel, pottery, glass and metal works, and much more. After you’ve worked up an appetite, enjoy a limitless variety of treats such as royal shish kabobs, kettle corn, squire dogs, espressos, baklava, and root beer floats. Relax as you enjoy performances by jousters, Scottish dancers, magicians, jugglers, musicians, and Arthur Green Holmes, the wildly inappropriate poet. Are you looking for a hands-on experience? Try the knife throwing booth, practice fencing, visit the petting zoo, ride a camel, or herd some sheep. Finally, enjoy a relaxing trip back home aboard a coach bus. Children are welcome if accompanied by parent/guardian.</div></p><a href='http://www.uwsp.edu/conted/artculture/Pages/instructors.aspx'><DIV id='instructor'><strong><u>Instructor: </u></strong>Dan Goulet</DIV></a><br/><DIV id='Dates'><strong>Dates: </strong>Saturday, August 24</DIV><br/><DIV id='time'><strong>Time: </strong>6 a.m. - 10 p.m.</DIV><br/><DIV id='ages'><strong>Ages: </strong>All ages - Children are welcome if accompanied by parent/guardian.</DIV><br/><DIV id='Fee'><strong>Fees: </strong>$80</DIV><br/><a href='https://conted.uwsp.edu/getdemo.ei?id=43&s=_3HW0TZYTV '><DIV id='Register'><strong><u>Register Now: </u></strong>Please register soon - Space is Limited!</DIV></a><br/><img id='img' src='http://www.uwsp.edu/conted/artculture/PublishingImages/RenaissanceFestival.png'></img></DIV>