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<DIV id='eventDetails'><h3 id='title'>Creative Expressions Through Dance (ages 6-8)</h3> <p id='description'><div>Join Point Dance Ensemble’s (PDE) Artistic Director Pamela Luedtke and PDE Company members this summer and explore the expressive art form of dance using imagination and story based exploration. Young dancers will create unique stories through movement and be introduced to improvisational play. </div></p><a href=''><DIV id='instructor'><strong><u>Instructor: </u></strong>Pamela Luetke</DIV></a><br/><DIV id='Dates'><strong>Dates: </strong>Monday - Thursday, July 14 - 17</DIV><br/><DIV id='time'><strong>Time: </strong>11 a.m. - noon</DIV><br/><DIV id='ages'><strong>Ages: </strong>6 - 8</DIV><br/><DIV id='Fee'><strong>Fees: </strong>$39</DIV><br/><a href=''><DIV id='Register'><strong><u>Register Now: </u></strong>Please register by July 7 or cal 715-346-3838 for availability.</DIV></a><br/><img id='img' src=''></img></DIV>