LIFE (Learning Is ForEver)

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  • Membership in LIFE is open to all adults and retired individuals.
  • This membership organization is affiliated with the UW-Stevens Point Continuing Education and Outreach, the lifelong learning branch of the university.
  • A one-year membership is $75.00 per person.
  • The membership year begins July 1st and ends the following year on June 30th.
  • First time members may join at any time; however, fees are not prorated.
  • New members joining on or after January 1st will be extended through June of the following year. 

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"Get over the idea that only
children should spend their
time in study.  Be a student
so long as you still have
something to learn, and this
will mean all your life."
~Henry L. Doherty






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Becoming a Member
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