STEM Exploration Day for Girls

Friday, February 17, 2017

This one-day conference is catered to 7th and 8th grade girls to get them fired up and excited about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  The event showcases STEM career professionals from throughout Wisconsin and faculty from UW-System. Students will engage in hands-on workshops and learn the many career paths available with an education in STEM.
A $40 registration fee includes exhibit exploration, a keynote presentation, three one-hour workshops, event materials, a t-shirt and a lunch.  
Attendees see UW-Stevens Point with workshops held throughout campus. Schools are encouraged to bring student groups, but individuals are welcome to attend the program. 

Available workshops will be posted on December 18, 2016. 
Registration will open on January 2 and will close on January 20, 2017. 

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Conference at a Glance
Registration and Exhibit Exploration (DUC)​8  - 9 a.m.
Welcome and Keynote Presentation (DUC)​9 - 9:45 a.m.
Workshop A​ (Various locations)​10  - 11 a.m.
Lunch​ (DUC)​11  - 11:45 a.m.​
Workshop B​ ​(Various locations)noon - 1 p.m.​
Workshop C​ (Various locations)1:15  - 2:15 p.m.​
​End of Conference (HEC)2:30 p.m.​

DUC (Dreyfus University Center)
HEC (Health Enhancement Center)

Keynote Speaker-TBD 


Program Information

Students attend workshops based on their personal interests.  Up to 26 workshops will be available for students to choose from and students will have the opportunity to rank eight of interest to them and two that they do not want to attend.  Using a mathematical model, students are placed into workshops of interest to them.  No student is placed into the workshops they chose not to attend.  Available workshops will be posted on this site by January 8.

Available workshops and how to register

Teachers sending student groups will need to send home three documents: 

1) Available Workshop List  
2) Workshop Selection Form   

Teachers will then collect completed Workshop Selection Forms from each student and use the information on the forms to register each student online on January 21 (opening registration date).  Teachers should register students as a group, so your school is together in our registration system.  You do not need to register everyone all at once and students may be added to your school group at anytime. We advise you to enter students as close to opening registration as possible as the event fills quickly.

Chaperones should register themselves with the group, but if students are added to your school group at different times it is not necessary to add yourself again-just make sure your school name is entered the same way each time you add more registrants.  Individual students may complete the signup form so online registration is easier for parents.

Confirmation Email (email #1) and Workshop Placement Email (email #2)

Once registrations are entered through the online registration link, confirmation emails will be sent to the email address provided on the registration.  If you register a group at one time, you will get a group confirmation. 

Please verify that the selections your students wanted (and didn't want) match what you entered and make sure the workshops they wanted do not duplicate any that they didn't want.
The assignment of students to workshops is accomplished using mathematical optimization. In the model, the objective is to place students in as many high-interest workshops as possible, while minimizing assignments to unwanted workshops.  The mathematical model was written by Dr. Andy Felt, Professor of Mathematical Sciences, UW-Stevens Point. 
Chaperones will receive a second email at least one week prior to the event indicating the workshops each student will attend.




Registration Fee

New!  T-shirts will no longer need to be purchased separately.  Each registration (including those awarded scholarship) will receive a t-shirt as part of the program registration fee.  T-shirts will be distributed at the event; students are not required to wear the shirt at the event. 
Student registration fee: $40
Adult/Chaperone registration fee: $40
The $40 registration fee includes exhibit exploration, a keynote presentation, three one hour workshops, event materials, a t-shirt and a lunch. 
Adults/chaperones are assessed a registration fee to cover lunch and materials. Chaperones are able to move in and out of any workshop throughout the day, so they are not specifically placed in any workshops. Chaperones still need to register with their school group or child.  UW-Stevens Point recommends one chaperone for groups of 25 or less and two chaperones for groups of 25-50.


Each registrant will receive a t-shirt with event registration.  

T-shirts are in adult sizes with widths in inches below:

​Size ​Width
​Small ​18"
Medium 20"​
​Large 22"​
​X Large ​24"
​2XL ​26"
​3XL ​28"​

Payment Options
Payments must be made by February 19, 2016.  Please make checks payable to UW-Stevens Point.  Mail payments to: 2100 Main St. Stevens Point, WI 54481.  Contact Samantha Pech at to request an invoice prior to the event.  The following credit cards are accepted online: MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.  


Registration scholarships are available only to students.   Scholarships will be granted upon written recommendation by a teacher or school administrator.  Recommendations may be emailed to Julie Hellweg, Program Manager, at  Please include your name and position, your school's name, and the name of each student in need of scholarship.  Scholarship requests must be received in writing prior to online registration.  Scholarship request deadline:  January 19, 2016.    

Liability and Photo Release Forms

Each student attending must bring this Liability and Photo Release Form, signed by a parent or guardian, with them to the event in order to attend the conference.  A student may attend the conference without a chaperone ONLY if a signed form is turned in.  Download, print, and bring the parent-signed forms to the event for each student.  


Lunch will be served from 11 to 11:45 a.m. in the Dreyfus University Center Laird Room.  Lunch is typically a sub sandwich, a side of chips, whole fruit, a cookie or brownie, and a drink.  One of each item is provided to each attendee.  Vending machines and other food options are available in close proximity to the lunch room, but are at your own expense.  If you require a special dietary lunch, please contact Samantha Pech at by February 11, 2016, so we can pre-order a meal for you.    

Escorts and Volunteers

Campus students and staff volunteer their time to escort students to workshops throughout the day.  No student is ever left unattended/alone during the event.    

Campus Map and Visitor Information

Campus visitor information page:  

Drop-off and Pick-up Times

Drop-off time: 8 a.m. - 8:45 a.m.
Where: Dreyfus University Center (DUC) on Reserve St. (#40 on the campus map)
Pick-up time: 2:15 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Where: Health Enhancement Center (HEC) on Fourth Ave. (#5 on campus map)

Bus Drop-off Location and Bus Parking

Provide bus drivers with drop-off and pick-up times and locations and the campus map noted above. Buses should drop-off students on Reserve St. in front of the Dreyfus University Center (#40 on campus map). Buses can ONLY park in Lot Q (in yellow on the Parking Map) the ONLY parking lot designated for buses. Students need to be picked up on Fourth Avenue in front of the Health Enhancement Center (#5 on campus map) by 2:30 p.m. Students will be escorted to this location between 2:15-2:30 p.m. Please do not block the pedestrian crosswalks by the Heath Enhancement Center or by the Dreyfus University Center.
NOTE: Buses not following parking and dropping off at the above locations will interfere with the city's school busing system near campus.

Vehicle Parking

Chaperones driving alone can park in Lot R, in the morning, which is close to the Dreyfus University Center check-in location.  By 2:30 p.m., chaperones may want to move vehicles closer to the Health Enhancement Center where the students will be escorted to at the end of the day.  University meters are $0.75 per hour ($0.25 for 20 minutes). 12-hour maximum meters are located in Lot R, Lot X and Lot Y; 4-hour maximum meters in Lots F-East, F-West, G, V and Z.  Lots close to the Health Enhancement Center include Lot X and Lot F-East and Lot F-West.
NOTE: No student is without an escort for the length of the program, if the program is followed. Should you choose to have your students meet you in a location not indicated in the program outlined above, we cannot guarantee their safety as escorts are being used elsewhere.   Please do not ask your students to navigate campus to find you at the end of the day.  Please be waiting for them at the Health Enhancement Center.

Special Needs Accommodations

If any participant has special needs that require accommodations, including a personal aide, please notify us by January 19, 2016. Call Samantha Pech, Outreach Specialist, at 715-346-4593 or email

Special Needs-Parking, Wheelchair Access, and Elevator Map

Substitution and Cancellation Policy

Substitutions may be made at any time upon notification to Continuing Education and Outreach. Substitutes will utilize the workshops of the person they are replacing. A signed Liability and Release Form must accompany the substitute to the event.
Cancellations will receive a full refund if the cancellation request is received in writing or email by February 19, 2016. No refunds will be given after February 19, 2016.  No shows are responsible for the full registration fee. Continuing Education and Outreach reserves the right to cancel the program due to insufficient enrollment or severe weather.

Continuing Education Coordination Team

Outreach Specialist:
Samantha Pech
120A Nelson Hall
Operations Program Associate:
Diana Wilcott
121 Nelson Hall
Program Manager:
Julie Hellweg
128 Nelson Hall

Continuing Education and Outreach Office (Customer Service)

032 Old Main Building, 2100 Main Street
Stevens Point, WI 54481-3897
Fax: 715-346-3504

STEM Exploration Day for Boys website

STEM Exploration Day at Treehaven website

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