Graduate Student Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from recent students who completed their Master’s Degree in Communication at UW-Stevens Point.

Chelsey (2012)

If you are looking to hone your critical thinking abilities, dig deeper into the “so what,” and walk away with a level of exposure from which to widen the base of your existing knowledge, consider the Master of Arts in Communication program at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. With the ability to customize the program’s offering, you can focus on what you deem most valuable and most in alignment with what you plan to pursue following graduation. If you choose UWSP, I encourage you to enter the program eager and curious, seek out those who are most supportive, put in the time and then some, and hopefully, you will exit even more eager and curious than when you began. Happy reading (scholarly articles, of course)!

Lindsey (2012)

The time I spent in the graduate program at UW- Stevens Point was the most academically challenging and personally rewarding educational experience I have had.

The scholastic focus on theory and real-world application in a variety of topical areas allows students to explore individual areas of interest. The education received in this program is extremely tailored to the student. The fairly small program size is invaluable as it helps to foster an encouraging, personal atmosphere for faculty and students.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to hold an Instructional Assistant position while completing my degree. Financially, this made it possible for me to have a full-time focus on school and complete my degree in two years. Personally, this allowed me to grow as an individual and further develop skills that are invaluable in the workplace: leadership, confidence, presentation skills, etc.

Darla (M.A. 2007)

The UWSP Communication Graduate Program is a challenging and rewarding experience! While I was pursuing my graduate coursework, I was employed fulltime in a neighboring community, so I valued the late afternoon and early evening course options. Needing adequate time to complete my thesis, I left my full-time position and accepted a position as an instructional assistant for Communication 101 within the Division of Communication. That decision proved priceless, allowing me to develop classroom management skills that many other graduate students don't have the opportunity to realize.

Kelly (M.A. 2007)

At first I was hesitant to return to graduate school because I had been out of college for five years, but once I started, I realized that I was not the only older person in the program. It was enlightening to be able to interact with other students in the program who had previous professional experiences. I have learned as much from the other students in the program as I have learned from the professors.

I was struck by the camaraderie that developed between the students and staff during my two years at UWSP. One element that I truly enjoyed about the program was being able to work as an instructional assistant and take classes at the same time. It would have been much harder to finish my degree in two years without the flexibility that this position provided.

Brad (M.A. 2005)

Never have I had a more academically rewarding and worthwhile experience than in UWSP's graduate communication program. Brilliant, patient and supportive professors teaching comparatively small yet interesting and interactive seminars made for intellectually stimulating coursework. Combining that with the instructional assistantship, which is absolutely fantastic, with the rigorous demands of the thesis, made me more than happy with my choice for a smaller town, smaller graduate program education. Everyone here was so accessible, helpful and encouraging, and that made the program all the more valuable and enjoyable.

Paula (M.A. 2004)

My experience in the Communication graduate program at UW-Stevens Point was as challenging as it was fun. It was an exhilarating experience with in-depth intellectual discussions, unending enthusiasm from the faculty with all participants to explore, create, and produce enticing, dynamic and exciting research projects and papers, and a thesis. This program provokes a stimulating learning environment and instills the desire to make a contribution to individuals, families, communities... all through the concise talents, skills, heuristic and overt lessons learned through the incredible staff and students in my communication program at Stevens Point.

Todd (M.A. 2002)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Communication graduate program at UWSP. The program is somewhat small and this enhances the camaraderie in cohorts of students. The professors in the program are excellent instructors and provide all sorts of help and guidance to incoming and advancing students.

Having been involved in a number of graduate Communication programs across the country (as both a student and a faculty member), I would say the primary strength of the UWSP program is a supportive environment for students to grow as scholars and teachers. In my time in the program, professors were frequently available for "drop-in "' meetings, helped students (who were, frankly, a little scared) work through new academic material, and connected theoretical issues and practical issues.

The UWSP Communication degree is a great program providing wonderful opportunity to a variety of students including those seeking professional and academic advancement.

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