Nature of our program

We have a graduate degree that is different from what many other colleges and universities offer. For example, our program emphasizes critical/analytical thinking and research skills.  It is a program with rigor which encourages students to examine, through their coursework and projects/theses, both the theoretical and applied nature of communication concepts and theories.  In a recent survey, 100% of the current and past graduate students in our program surveyed said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall quality of the program.  People responding to that survey  remarked how accessible, friendly, and helpful the faculty were in working with our graduate students.  They also commented on the quality of the faculty, wide variety of course offerings, and the balance of theory and practice offered in classes.
Many large graduate programs have their students work largely independent from the faculty.  While there is a good deal of independent work in our program (i.e. research papers), our students receive more guidance, support, and opportunities to rewrite papers than you might find in other programs. Our class sizes reflect this nurturing and supportive atmosphere—our graduate-only seminars typically have from 6-10 students in each class. This allows for better discussion, more individual attention, and a better learning experience for both the students and the faculty.
Many students who have completed our program have entered high quality Ph.D. programs. Most of the graduate students in our program enter the workplace after completing their degree. Students enter a variety of jobs in media organizations, traditional business and nonprofit settings, and public relations.  For a more detailed discussion of career options, please go to our section labeled "emphasis areas-career options."
If you have any questions relating to our program, please e-mail Sylvia Mikucki-Enyart or call 715-346-2267.

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Nature of the Program
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