Required Coursework

Graduate students are required to take two courses, Communication 701: Introduction to Communication Graduate Studies & Communication 702: Seminar in Communication Research Methods, plus at least two additional graduate-level communication seminars offered by Division of Communication at UWSP.

Graduate students are also required to complete either a research project (3 credits) or thesis (6 credits) as part of the 31 credits required for graduation.
With the exception of the two required courses, the coursework for your graduate degree is determined by you, with the help of your advisor and other graduate faculty.  Our graduate program is thus designed to allow each student to put together a set of graduate courses that best meets their academic and career goals.
When you are admitted into the M.A. program in Communication, you have seven years to complete the degree. It is your responsibility to be aware of this timeline and to complete the degree within the allotted time. The “clock” starts ticking with the first graduate class you are applying to your degree (including any classes transferred in).
Applicants accepted into the M.A. program may be asked to do remedial work if their undergraduate transcript indicates insufficient preparation for master’s level communication courses.
If you have any questions relating to our program, please e-mail Sylvia Mikucki-Enyart or call 715-346-2267.

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