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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Daniel Litvak

Founder | WeightUp Solutions

Innovation in Strength Training:

Replacing Guesswork with Objective Data

Researchers and coaches have studied velocity-based training to improve athlete performance both in the weight room and on the field. Their findings opened the door to a major change in athletic training through a focus on monitoring athletes' strength training performance with a focus on key metrics. Learn about the powerful analytics coaches are tracking in the weight room and how they are using technology to improve their athletes' performance. 

Daniel Litvak is the founder of WeightUp Solutions, which creates fitness trackers that monitor and track weightlifting performance. WeightUp partners with athletic teams at all levels to improve their performance on the field by tracking and improving their performance in the weight room. Daniel has been working closely with researchers, strength coaches and athletes to develop a platform that drive value to all its users. 

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