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Great Lakes Analytics in Sports Conference

Boden Westover

Director of Marketing | Catapult

Building Better Athletes with Wearable Technology

Catapult enlightens sport with scientifically-validated analytics, obtained with the most advanced wearable technology in the world. Used by 1,100 elite teams worldwide, Catapult innovates how information shapes athletic performance. This presentation will explain how Catapult was born, how teams are using it, and what the future holds for wearable technology in elite sport. It will cover how teams are using wearable technology to mitigate the risk of soft tissue injuries, assess readiness for competitoin, and quantify return from injury; sport-specific analytics from the consumer to fan engagement applications; and the convergence of sports technologies and data sets.

Boden Westover is the director of marketing at Catapult, overseeing all marketing initiatives for the elite side of the business. He has been with the company for four years, joining as the 15th employee in the Melbourne headquarters, now working in Catapult's Chicago office as part of a team of 240.

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