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About Us

aboutUsPage.jpgNADF's mission is to provide demonstration, education, outreach, extension, and applied research. This is aimed at fostering the development and growth of a sustainable aquaculture industry in Wisconsin and other northern US climates. Wisconsin's highly diversified aquaculture industry has over 2,300 registered commercial fish farms, 14 state hatcheries, 2 federal hatcheries and all the resources needed to accommodate significant expansion.

The NADF is designed with high-tech aquaculture production systems and equipment to allow a wide range of applied research and demonstration to be carried out. A 8,500 ft2 Aquatic production barn contains:

  • Three 10,000 - 12,000 gallon recirculation aquaculture systems

  • Free flow tanks

  • Cold, cool and warm water systems

  • Bell jar and Heath tray incubation systems

  • An analytical water testing lab


NADF also contains: 

  • Four 1/2 acre ponds with a fish collection basin and two settling basins

  • Two 60 ft linear outdoor raceways

  • A head-tank building with degassing and heat exchanger systems

  • Two high capacity wells providing up to 1,600 gpm of cold (46°F), clean water