Quick Facts:

  • For students entering grades
    9-12, as well as graduating seniors
  • Explore several artistic mediums! Campers will work with university art faculty in all five daily workshops as well as in evening art history presentations.
  • Gallery showing of the campers’ artwork on Saturday, June 27.

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UW-Stevens Point
Camp COFAC: Art, Music, and Video Production


Metal Casting & Relief Sculpture

with Keven Brunett

Explore a dynamic method of metal casting from start to finish. Design and create a clay mold; melt and pour metal; break away the mold to discover your cast.

​Pastel Painting

with Sheila Sullivan

Learn to use traditional techniques in soft pastel. Since pastel (which means "paste") consists of pure pigment, its color is both powerful and stable--it will not fade. You will work progressively through layered stages to create a medium-sized (19x22) still life.

​Assemblage Sculpture

with Bill McKee

Turn junk into treasure. Take apart existing objects, furniture, and electronics and use its components to create a new piece of art.

Life Drawing

with Mark Brueggeman

Drawing the human figure from draped models. This essential discipline for the visual artist is introduced and explored through a variety of materials with emphasis on anatomy and composition.

​Asian Art History

with Cortney Chaffin

Explore Asian art during a series of topics including early Chinese tombs and Japanese woodblock prints.

​Design Challenge 

with Stuart Morris

Explore the design process from proposed materials through site considerations to execution of the final work. As designer, you'll be given a list of materials, model materials and the design objectives. The challenge will be to blend the materials, ideas, and site interactions into relationship.