Graduate Program

Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

The following is a list of graduate school opportunities within the College of Natural Resources. This list is not reflective of all graduate school opportunities within the CNR.  
  • Research Graduate Assistantship in Forest Recreation

    • A research project and assistantship is available for a student interested in pursuing a Master of Science in Natural Resources. The graduate assistant will help lead a study to better understand the extent to which personal technology enhances or detracts from forest visitor recreation experiences, and to identify associated implications for managing technology use on remote and urban-proximate forests.

  • K-12 Energy Education (KEEP) Graduate Assistantship

    • The KEEP Graduate Assistantship is a unique opportunity for those interested in gaining experience with curriculum development, environmental education resources, and teacher professional development while pursuing a Masters in Environmental Education and Interpretation. The assistantship is a two-year commitment. The next graduate assistantship will begin in September of 2016. Accepting applications until further notice.