Preparing the Water Grant Cover Page

Girl looking at water specimen in jarUse a completed sample "Cover Page" as a guide. For your convenience, a link to the blank cover page form is also provided.

Type or print all responses. Some guidelines are provided below.

Administering Organization

Identify the administering organization that will provide the accounting services for grant funds (i.e., the institution that writes the checks). Individual public schools must identify their school district or CESA as the administering organization. If an individual school is involved, put that name below the district/CESA name.

Wisconsin Nonprofit or LEA Number

School applicants should contact the district's superintendent or business office for the local educational agency (LEA) number. The Department of Public Instruction assigns this 4-digit number to the district.

Nonstock, nonprofit corporations should contact the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, Division of Corporations, Office of the Secretary, at (608) 261-7577 ext. 5 for the 'corporate form' identification number. Or use the department's website ( to perform a CRIS (Corporate Registration Information System) search for the number. Note that the Wisconsin nonprofit corporate number is different from the tax-exempt number provided by the Internal Revenue Service.

Legislative DistrictsKids stencling "drains to lake" near street storm drain

The WEEB will notify legislators of grant recipients in their districts. Please list the legislative district where the administering organization is located. Please also list the legislative district(s) from which members of the target audience will be drawn. Information regarding legislative districts may be found at


Provide an abstract in the space provided just below the signature lines. Failure to include an abstract will result in disqualification of the proposal.

Chief Executive Officer Signature

The chief executive officer is the highest-ranking employee or officer of the submitting group and typically has the ultimate authority to enter into contracts and commit institutional resources, e.g., the school district superintendent (not principal or curriculum director), agency administrator (not regional or facility director), or the organization's executive director.

The chief executive officer's signature must be included, indicating his/her approval of the project. Failure to include the administering agency's chief executive officer's signature on the cover page, will result in disqualification of the proposal. If you have questions regarding this criteria, please contact the WEEB office for clarification.