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June 23 to July 31, 2014

Instructor:  Ginny Carlton

Registration Deadline:  June 9

Professional Development Opportunity

NRES 340/540 Effective Teaching Strategies for Education for Sustainability

One Graduate OR Undergraduate Credit

This online course will help prepare you to incorporate education that supports sustainability in your school or classroom.  The concept of sustainability and conceptual frameworks related to education for sustainability will be briefly reviewed.  You will then learn about several teaching strategies that can be used to promote sustainable thinking and practices, including inquiry-based learning, place-based education, service-learning, and using the school buildings and grounds as a teaching tool.  By the end of this course, you will be familiar with each strategy and have an initial plan for adopting at least one into your teaching practice.

In this course, the term sustainability will be dissected and explored. Each unit will focus on a specific area to help build an understanding of sustainability. The course will specifically outline the three “pillars” of sustainability: Ecological, Economical, and Social Systems. It will then apply specific habits of mind essential for thinking sustainably. As a result participants will be able to build an understanding of sustainability, feel confident about their basic knowledge of the subject, and learn how concepts can be applied in a school or classroom.

Course Fee:  NRES 540 Graduate:  $444.47 $100 for pK-12 teachers;

NRES 340 Undergrad $268.08 $100 for pK-12 teachers




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