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Center for Watershed Science and Education

Reports and Publications

The Center for Watershed Science and Education has completed reports and publications for a number of research projects and investigations.  Below is a list of reports that are available online.  If there is a report that we have recently completed that you do not see listed below or you have difficulty viewing any of the reports, please contact us

Watersheds and Lakes

  • Shoreland Assessment of Shell Lake, Washburn County, Wisconsin, 2013 [view 4.8MB pdf]
  • Algal and Water Quality Assessment and Strategic Plan for Bear Lake, Forest County, Wisconsin, 2012 [view 4MB - Final Report] / [view 2MB Management Plan]
  • Creating regional watershed based groundwater, hydraulic, and nutrient models for local-scale use in the Upper St Croix - Eau Claire Rivers Watershed, 2011 [view 12MB pdf - Final Report] / [view 5MB pdf - Appendices]
  • Choosing Management Strategies for Portage County Lakes, 2009 [view 478KB pdf]
  • Phosphorus Loading Model for Lake Eau Claire and Lake Altoona, 2009 [view 3MB pdf]
  • Mead Lake Watershed Sediment and Nutrient Export Modeling, 2008 [view 5MB pdf]
  • Watershed Assessment of Shawano Lake, Shawano County, Wisconsin, 2008 [view 4.2MB pdf]
  • Preserving Willow Creek as a Coastal Resource, 2008 [view 922KB pdf]
  • Aquatic Macrophyte Survey of the St.Croix/Gordon Flowage Douglas County, Wisconsin, 2008 [view 4.8MB pdf]
  • A Survey of Baseflow Discharges in the Western Fox-Wolf River Watersheds, 2008 [view 1.6MB pdf]
  • Water Quality, Biotic Evaluation and Strategic Planning in the Clark Lake Watershed, Door County, Wisconsin, 2007
  • Aquatic Plant Management Plan for Springville Pond, Portage County, Wisconsin [view 1.6MB pdf]/ Appendices, 2007
  • Spirit River Water Quality Assessment Northern Wisconsin, 2006 [view 3MB pdf]
  • Bettering the Branch: An Overview of the Current Conditions Habitat, Water Quality, and General Morphology, 2004 [view 2.4MB pdf]
  • Mirror and Shadow Lakes, Waupaca, Wisconsin: An Interpretive Analysis of Water Quality, 2004 [view 1.9MB pdf]
  • Water Quality in the Schoenick Creek Watershed and Long and Schoenick Lakes Shawano County, Wisconsin, 2004  [view 1.4MB pdf]
  • Assessment of Water Quality, Sediment, Groundwater and Tributaries of Easton Lake, Adams County, Wisconsin, 2003 [view 1.1MB pdf]
  • Assessment of Lake and Groundwater Chemistry, Shallow Groundwater Flow, and Aquatic Macrophyte Community, Peppermill Lake, Adams County, Wisconsin, 2002 [view 1.2MB pdf]
  • An Evaluation of Past and Present Water Quality Conditions in Bear Lake, Waupaca County, Wisconsin, 2002 [view 5.3MB pdf]
  • Assessment of the Plover River Watershed, 2001 [view 2.0MB pdf]
  • Assessment of shallow groundwater flow and chemistry and interstitial water, sediment, aquatic macrophyte chemistry for Tri Lake, Adams County Wisconsin, 2001 [view 3.1MB pdf]
  • Relationships of aquatic macrophytes to sediment and groundwater characteristics in McDill Pond - Implications for lake management, 2000 [view 8.5MB pdf]
  • An Evaluation of Water Quality Characteristics in Stratton Lake, Waupaca Co., WI, 2000 [view 4MB pdf]; Well Water Testing Summary [view 300KB pdf]
  • Nutrient and water budget modeling of the Petenwell Flowage Adams, Juneau, and Wood counties, Wisconsin, 2000 [view 6.0MB pdf]
  • Relationships between private well water, stream base flow water, and land use in the Tomorrow-Waupaca River watershed, 2000 [view 5.3MB pdf]
  • Lake Tomah priority watershed water quality evaluation Tomah, Wisconsin, 1997 [view 6.8MB pdf]
  • Legend Lake Menominee Reservation/County, WI diagnostic feasibility study, 1995 [view 5.9MB pdf]
  • Oxygen depletion investigations of Legend Lake, Menominee County, Wisconsin, 1994 [view 6.8MB pdf]

County Lake Studies and Plans

Shoreland Surveys

  • Shoreland Assessment of Shell Lake, Washburn County, Wisconsin, 2013 [view 4.8MB pdf]

  • Aquatic Plant Survey of Lower Rib River and Lake Wausau Marathon County, Wisconsin, 2012 [view 6.2MB pdf]


  • Evaluating Chemical Tracers in Suburban Groundwater as Indicators of Nitrate-Nitrogen Sources, 2016 [view 1.7MB pdf]
  • Information Support for Groundwater Management in the Wisconsin Central Sands, 2011-2013 [view 8MB pdf]
  • Information Support for Groundwater Management in the Wisconsin Central Sands, 2009 - 2011 [view 10MB pdf]
  • Fond du Lac County Groundwater: A community resource, 2010 [view 6.3MB pdf]
  • Groundwater Pumping Effects on Groundwater Levels, Lake Levels, and Streamflows in the Wisconsin Central Sands [view 1.8MB pdf]
  • Knowledge Development for Groundwater Withdrawal Management around the Little Plover River, Portage County Wisconsin, 2009 [view 2.4MB pdf]
  • Dodge County Groundwater: A community resource, 2007 [view 2.3MB pdf]
  • Groundwater Pollutant Transfer and Export from a Northern Mississippi Valley Loess Hills Watershed, 2007 [view 1MB pdf]
  • Monitoring Environmental Effects at an Established Phytoremediation Site, 2006 [view 1MB pdf]
  • An Introduction to Groundwater in St. Croix County, 2006 [view 3.1MB pdf]
  • Groundwater in Iowa County: A citizen's guide, 2005 [view 2.0MB pdf]
  • Investigation of Nitrate in Groundwater - Red Springs Area of the Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation, 2004 [view 632KB pdf]
  • Does Management Intensive Grazing Protect Groundwater Quality by Denitrification, 2004 [view 560KB pdf]
  • Monitoring the Effectiveness of Phytoremediation and Hydrologic Response at an Agricultural Chemical Facility, 2004 [view 647KB pdf]
  • Nitrate and Pesticide Residue Penetration into a Wisconsin Central Sand Plain Aquifer, 2004 [view 2.0MB pdf]
  • Nitrate and Pesticide Residue Penetration into Aquifers - Springfield Corners Profile, 2004 [view 560KB pdf]
  • Impact of ginseng production on groundwater quality, 1999 [view 979KB pdf]
  • Agricultural chemicals, land use, and their impacts on stream and ground water quality in the Little Plover River Watershed, 1998 [view 9.9MB pdf]
  • Contaminant source assessment and management using groundwater flow and contaminant models in the Stevens Point - Whiting - Plover Wellhead Protection Area, 1997 [view 10.8MB pdf]
  • Development and evaluation of an optimum nitrogen based manure application rate for corn production and groundwater protection, 1996 [view 12.7MB pdf]
  • Port Edwards Groundwater Priority Watershed, 1995 [view 20MB pdf]
  • Column leaching study of six pesticides, nitrate, and chloride through four Wisconsin soils, 1994 [view 5.9MB pdf]
  • Effects of barnyard management practices on groundwater quality in the central sands of Wisconsin, 1992 [view 4.2MB pdf]
  • Groundwater and surface water quality in the Little Plover River Basin, Portage County, Wisconsin, 1990 [view 6.0MB pdf]
  • Urban impacts on ground water quality and flow characteristics in Schmeeckle Reserve, 1988 [view 3.0MB pdf]


  • Evaluation of the effect of stormwater disposal on groundwater quality, 1990 [view 786KB pdf]
  • Evaluation of urban runoff infiltration and impact to groundwater quality in Park Ridge, Wisconsin, 1999 [view 5MB pdf]

Wastewater Studies

  • Selection and evaluation of chemical indicators for waste stream identification, 2015 [view 1.5MB pdf]
  • Design and optimization of two recirculation sand filters for the removal if nitrogen and organic chemicals from domestic wastewater, 1998 [view 15.6MB pdf]
  • An Evaluation of the impacts of septic systems have on the groundwater and surface water quality of Minocqua Lake Wisconsin, 1997 [view 4.0MB pdf]
  • An evaluation of conventional septic systems and their impact of groundwater quality in the critical central Wisconsin sand plain, 1996 [view 9.6MB pdf]
  • Microbial contaminants in groundwater from on-site waste disposal - a literature review, 1995 [view 320KB pdf]
  • An evaluation of the nitrate-nitrogen loading to groundwater from two unsewered subdivisions near Stevens Point, Wisconsin, 1993 [view 7.3MB pdf]
  • Subdivision impacts on groundwater quality, 1993 [view 3.2MB pdf]

Wisconsin River Watershed Studies

  • Sediment Oxygen Demand of the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir, Marathon County, Wisconsin [14.4MB]
  • Water and Nutrient Budgets and Phosphorus Models for the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir, Wisconsin [view 25.7MB pdf]
  • Color in the Upper Wisconsin River: Sources and Effects on Primary Production [13.5MB]
  • Application of the Universal Soil Loss Equation to the Big Eau Pleine Watershed [3.0MB]
  • Computer Modeling Snow Relationships in the Big Eau Pleine Watershed, Wisconsin [5.7MB pdf]
  • Long-term BOD Analysis of the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir, Wisconsin as Related to BOD Source [17.6MB]
  • Primary Production of the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir, Wisconsin [7.0MB pdf]

National Park Service Projects

(Clicking on the Full Report links will connect you to the reports on the National Park Service website.)

  • Assessment of Natural Resource Conditions: Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway, 2015. Full Report (16.4MB pdf)

  • Assessment of Natural Resource Conditions: Voyageurs National Park, 2015. Full Report (12.1MB pdf)

  • Assessment of Natural Resource Conditions: Mississippi National River & Recreation Area, 2015.  Full Report (10.3MB pdf)

  • Assessment of Natural Resource Conditions: Grand Portage National Monument, 2014. Full Report (12.5MB pdf)
  • Assessment of Natural Resource Conditions: Isle Royale National Park, 2010. Full Report (4.8MB pdf)
  • Assessment of Natural Resource Conditions: Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (Michigan), 2009 Full Report (7.8MB pdf) / Executive Summary (295KB pdf)
  • Assessment of Coastal Water Resources and Watershed Conditions at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore (Wisconsin), 2007.  Full Report (5.4MB) / Executive Summary (294KB)
  • Assessment of Coastal Water Resources and Watershed Conditions at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, 2006. Full Report  (11.6MB) / Executive Summary (268KB)


Training Manuals

  •  Training Manual for the OTT MF Pro Flow Meter.  Jessica Haucke, 2014.  [view 3.8MB pdf]

  • Training Manual for the Marsh McBirney 2000. Jessica Haucke, 2014.  [view 2.4MB pdf]