Winter Workshop

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Theme:  Survival or Revival ?



Survival:  How do you survive winter?  How does Nature survive winter?  What great survival stories related to EE do you have to share? What can you do to help your organization survive (grant writing, garnering community support, etc.)?  What adaptations have helped your EE programs survive and prosper?

Revival: What revives you about winter?  How do you stay sharp and focused?  What techniques do you have to help infuse new life into a program?  What new ideas would you like to share?

Program Line Up

 The WAEE Winter Workshop Program Committee is excited to bring you an amazing line-up of presentations.


Winter Workshop Schedule


Friday​ ​ Saturday​ ​ Sunday​ ​

​7:30 am - 8:30 am ​Breakfast 8:00-9:00 am ​Breakfast
​9:00-10:15  Keynote Speaker - Dr. Ron Cortte 8:30-11:15 am

​Concurrent Session 3A

Snowshoeing Winter Habitats

​10:20 am to 11:20 pm ​Concurrent Session 1 ​9:00-10:00 am ​Concurrent Session 3B
​11:30 am-3:30pm ​EE Capacity Workshop (By invitation)

11:30-12:15 pm ​Lunch ​9:00-11:00 am ​Concurrent Session 3C
​​12:30-2:00 pm ​Concurrent Session 2A 10:05-11:05 am ​Concurrent Session 4
​12:30-2:30 pm ​Concurrent Session 2B ​11:15 am Workshop closing
​4:30 pm -9:00 pm ​​Registration is open ​3:00 pm-5:00 pm ​Playtime - Winter Olympics
Beginning Cross Country Skiing
​11:45 am-12:30 pm ​​Lunch
6:00 pm ​Dinner 5:30 pm ​Dinner ​12:30 pm ​Clean up and Check Out
​​7:00 pm ​Evening Program Begins ​7:00 pm ​Evening Activities (Nertz Tourney and more)
​8:30 pm​ ​​Evening Events ​8:30 pm ​Bear Track Lounge About