Wisconsin Adventure in Outdoor Education

33rd Annual Wisconsin Adventure in Outdoor Education
"Skills and Thrills in the Outdoors"
Dates: May 2-4, 2014
Location: Wausau School Forest - Mosinee, WI
For all the details on sessions and registration, open the Outdoor Ed. '14 FULL DOC.pdfOutdoor Ed. '14 FULL DOC.pdf
The first Wisconsin Adventure in Outdoor Education workshop was held in May 1980. Since that time, teachers, program leaders, administrators and adventure education practitioners have made the workshop an annual trek. Typically 100 people attend each year to build, renew and share expertise to enhance curricular/program offerings. A highly trained staff leads sessions aimed at hands-on experiences immediately transferable to on-going programs.
This extremely popular spring event is held in both formal and informal settings at the Wausau School Forest. Registration, dinner, games and challenge activities are scheduled for Friday evening. General sessions in biking, hiking, birding, fishing, wellness and curriculum design - to name a few - are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.
This workshop is intended for practicing professionals (teachers, health promotion specialists, agency leaders, recreation specialists) as a means of enhancing their personal skill and group leadership abilities. The course further serves as an opportunity to design and implement adventure programs into a variety of worksites.
Course Objectives:
  • Provide participants with an opportunity to develop adventure education wellness programming skills through active participation in workshop activities.
  • Provide participants an opportunity to design formal instructional packages to implement in workplaces with clients in school, agency and corporation settings.
  • Provide participants information on facilitation skills, instructional skills, wellness philosophy, organizational skills, technical skills, safety skills and environmental knowledge as they relate to wellness and adventure education programs.

The workshop offers both undergraduate and graduate credits. 1-3 credits can be earned by engaging in the workshop and then creating teaching packages that can be implemented upon return to the work setting. Each student designs their own project, sets their own goals and identifies outcomes. Practical, immediately useful material and curriculum development is the focus of student projects. You may email John Munson for more information on the credit requirements. The coursework is handled through the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point School of Health Promotion and Human Development. Registration for credit takes place at the workshop.

Credit availability or workshop details contact:
Dr. John W. Munson, jmunson@uwsp.edu, 715-346-4614

Session Descriptions

Experience the success and fun of archery shooting. This
session covers skills of safety, techniques, equipment, mental concentration and core strengthen benefits. All equipment Provided. Sunday session covers grant writing for the National Archery in the Schools program.

Atlatl Building and Throwing
Experience the satisfaction of creating your own Atlatl or throw-ing spear. Used for thousands of years to capture prey, this unique throwing tool is now being used in competitions around the world. Be prepared to compete with your classmates. An opportunity for further competition will be available.

Buckskin Village / Woods Skills
Participate in a variety of games and activities while learning skills and crafts of the Mountain Man. Experience tomahawk, knife, and frying pan throwing, yarns, and a few surprises. An additional experience in outdoor cooking will be offered.

Canoeing/Kayaking Trips
On-water instruction in canoeing will give the participant confi-dence in handling/steering a canoe. Handouts on preparing to lead canoeing excursions will be provided. Expert canoeing instruction by a certified guide will be given.

Canoeing the Wisconsin River
This session will introduce participants to basic paddling skills and culminate with a canoeing experience down the Wisconsin River. Equipment is provided.

Dutch Oven Cooking
Experience the joys of cooking over an open fire. Taste and learn. All supplies are provided.

Fly Tying
Basic techniques in tying flies for beginners. Participants will tie flies for catching bass and trout. All materials provided

If you like the idea of treasure hunting while exploring the out-doors, than this session will provide participants with the skills necessary to navigate to pre-selected destinations.

Hand Gun Safety and Shooting
Proper handling of handguns will be featured in this session as participants learn skills and techniques. All equipment is

Leopold Bench Making
Make an authentic Aldo Leopold Bench and take it home with you. Kits are $35 to be paid with registrations. All tools are provided to make the bench with an expert guide.
Rustic Woods Crafts
Make a tree branch wall hook, forked-twig jewelry stand, pot-hanging hooks for a campfire and other simple and useful items made from nature’s hardware store: trees and shrubs. Bring a pocketknife if you have one; tools and materials provided.


Basic techniques of rappelling will be demonstrated and practiced on a 32 ft. tower. Participants will experience both rappelling and
support practices that lead to successful experiences for students of all ages. Expert instruction will lead both the beginners and the experienced people through safety, instruction, and practice sessions.

Teaching Paddling Skills
Becoming a proficient instructor in teaching canoe paddling skills will be the focus of this session. Both dry land and on-water in-struction will allow participants to polish their skills and knowledge.

Shotgun Skills
Two levels of shotgun skills will be presented. Beginners will
experience hands on instruction on the appropriate safety meth-ods for handling and firing shotguns. Advanced participants will receive instruction on accuracy and competition. All shotguns and ammunition will be provided.

Team Building & Group Dynamics
Use challenge activities to introduce the basic concepts of adven-ture education. Participants will engage in a host of events that will allow them to explore education through environmental in-volvement in the outdoors.

Walleye/Bass Fishing Techniques
This session is an on water session in which expert instruction on a variety of techniques to catch bass and walleyes will be given.
Participants must have a current Wisconsin fishing license.
Limited to 10 people.

Wilderness/First Aid
This session will provide basic instruction in first aid techniques that can be applied to commonly experienced injuries and illness-es in remote settings. Instruction will help participants build a basic first aid kit to take on outings.

Wilderness Survival
This session will focus on basic techniques and skills necessary for safe participation into wilderness areas. An overview of sur-vival techniques will be presented, but participants will focus on being prepared for all challenges that one might encounter in a remote environment.

Uses and Lore of Wild Plants
Every plant in the outdoors has a story, practical use or other spe-cial features. Find out which plants in the area are edible or can be used for twine, tea, baskets, fire-by-friction, dyes, or are just plain amazing for their unique qualities. We will discover, sample and use many Wausau School Forest plants.