Past Member Outings

Foghorn at Cave of the Mounds
Cave of the Mounds
February 2007
Kimberly Anderson led a spectacular tour at the Cave of the Mounds National Landmark in Blue Mounds during WAEE’s South-central regional outing on February 24, 2007! The event began with a SpeleoQUEST educational program that visually showed participants how caves form and how their amazing cave formations take shape. Participants were treated to meeting “Glow-in-the-Dark Polly,” a luminescent stalagmite formation in the shape of a parrot, an enormous fossil of a Giant Cephalopod in the ceiling of the cave, as well as many other fossils from the Ordovician Period including gastropods and crinoids. Participants emerged from the cave to do some “sluicing” – sifting through sand and gravel for REAL fossils (and we got to keep them)! Foghorn Leghorn joined participants on this outing, although Kimberly had to watch him closely in the gift shop (apparently Foghorn is a fan of pretty rocks.) Thanks to Kimberly Anderson of Cave of the Mounds and WAEE’s Membership Committee for making this regional outing possible!
Berlin School Forest
September 2007
A Note from an Outing Host - Susan Ermer
Ropes Course 2I want to thank WAEE for helping to make the Vertical Adventures Ropes Course Regional  Outing at the Berlin School Forest a great success. We had 14 participants come to the event, 10 members and 4 non-members. It was a great chance to interact, talk environmental education and have a great time swinging in the trees. The participants were challenged with a wide variety of high ropes activities and had a great time. I will admit selfish reasons for organizing the event; I always wanted to fly down a zip line! Thanks to Pat Arndt, Abbie Enlund, Amy Workman, and Tanya Zastrow. For other WAEE members, you should consider hosting an outing at your nature center or in your community. It provides an excellent chance to network with likeminded folks; Amy and Tanya make it easy; and it is great fun!! Contact Abbie in the WAEE office to set up an outing in your area.